5 Clever Moving Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Approximately 10% of the population move home every year in the US. That’s tens of millions of people who up-sticks and transport their lives around the country! Are you soon to be one of them?

Well, we’ve put together a brief guide that’s sure to help with the logistics. Sound good? Keep reading for 5 clever moving tips you never knew you needed.

1. Get Prepared Early

Buying a house is an exciting time. But moving all of your worldly possessions from one place to another is also a lot of work! You’ve got to sort through everything, pack it all into boxes, fit it into a truck, and ferry it across the country.

Preparation’s the key to success. Start early, create a plan of action, and purchase the packing materials you’ll need (boxes, tape, bubblewrap…) in advance. Oh, and remember to book the professional moving company ASAP to ensure you don’t miss out on their support.

2. Get Multiple Quotes

On the subject of moving companies, try to avoid the temptation of opting for the first one you come across. Do your research, find a few possible options, read their reviews, and get quotes from each of them. This should ensure you get the best deal and save some money on the move.

Want to save some extra cash? Be flexible with your dates. You’ll benefit from much lower quotes if you can move home outside of peak times (think weekends and holidays).

3. Purge Your Possessions

Want our top piece of moving advice? Try to get rid of as many possessions as possible before you move! Now’s the ideal time to go through your closet, clear out the garage, and dispose of everything old and unwanted in the attic.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell, toss, or give it all away. Moving house will be ten times easier if only have to pack and transport the things you want.

4. Be Strategic

Packing your remaining possessions can still be a mission though! Approaching things in a strategic way will make everything far more efficient. Here are a few ideas on how to do it:

  • Go room by room and clearly label every box that you pack,
  • Color code boxes with stickers for the rooms they belong to,
  • Pack loose items in suitcases; kitchen items in pots and pans, and
  • Leave your clothes in the drawers and on hangers, wrapping them in plastic wrap or placing them in garbage bags.

5. Remember the Essentials Box

An essentials box contains everything you might want straight away when you arrive at your new home. For instance, it may have tea and coffee, plates and bowls, bed linen, and so on. Having these set aside will save you the hassle of trying to find such ‘essentials’ upon arrival.

Just remember to clearly mark this box for what it is! The last thing you want is for it (and the previous contents within) to get lost among the mass of other boxes.

Don’t Forget These Moving Tips

Moving house is a common occurrence in America. But that doesn’t make it easy- especially when you’ve never done it before.

With any luck, though, the moving tips in this post will make your life a little simpler. Keep this packing advice in mind and your upcoming big move should proceed smoothly from start to finish. Would you like to read more articles like this one?

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