Reinforce This: What Is Reinforced Concrete Used For?

How much do you know about reinforced concrete? While you may have heard the term, you’d likely be surprised to learn how essential this building material is to our daily lives.

What is reinforced concrete? It’s concrete that has had steel bars placed inside it, giving it more strength and durability to support heavy loads.

There are plenty of advantages to building with reinforced concrete as well—it can withstand plenty of stress, it’s fire and weather-resistant, and it’s lightweight.

So, what is reinforced concrete used for? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Reinforced Concrete Used for Most Often? Buildings

We often see reinforced concrete used in buildings. Because of its strength, reinforced concrete is ideal for any sort of building, from residential homes to skyscrapers.

It can also span wide areas, giving architects more design opportunities without having to use columns. Plus, since it’s durable and fireproof, it means our buildings are lasting longer than ever.

In buildings, reinforced concrete is often used in the roof slabs, foundations, and beams. Chances are, the building you’re reading this in is made from reinforced concrete!


Due to its strength and versatility, reinforced concrete also makes a fantastic building material for bridges. Engineers can use it to span across wide distances, perfect for use over water or major highway systems.

Because it’s affordable, it’s also popular for government use on public works projects. It can support heavy amounts of weight, so it’s a practical material to use also for roads and even airport runways.

The material also has an elegance about it, creating sleek, eye-catching bridges.


Ever cheered on your favorite team from inside their gigantic stadium? If so, you probably have reinforced concrete to thank for your day out! 

The material is a popular choice for huge stadiums, such as those used by major league teams. Thanks to the versatility of the concrete, we can build large stadiums that can easily support the weight of large crowds.


Dams are complex structures that need to be able to support huge volumes of water, often with limited anchors to the ground below. Engineers and architects know that reinforced concrete is the best material to build dams that can last for decades to come.

Is Reinforced Concrete Right for Your Next Building Project?

Hopefully, now you know the answer to your question, ‘What is reinforced concrete used for?. With so many uses, it’s an important material that allows us to build tall, wide, and across vast distances. 

If you’re planning a new building project, take the time to learn more about reinforced concrete—it might be just the material you need for your new big task.

Talk to your construction crew and find out more about whether or not you can benefit from reinforced concrete—chances are, you can!

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