5 Often Missed Items on a Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

Are you buying or selling a commercial building?

If you fail to find issues with the building, you may overpay for the building or undercharge for the building. Having a commercial building inspection checklist is the best way to keep from missing important items that need attention.

Continue reading this article to learn about the items that might normally be missed when inspecting a commercial building.

1. Site Characteristics

Companies like¬†Australian Building Inspection Services (ABIS) make sure site characteristics like landscaping, paving, and utilities are in good condition. Failing to look at the things around the building is one of the easiest things to forget about when you’re inspecting a commercial building. Concrete or pavement repairs can be pricey and time-consuming, so do a double check on this part of your checklist.

2. Plumbing Systems

Leaking or running toilets can use up hundreds of gallons of water. If you have a lot of toilets in your commercial building, it could add up to thousands of dollars and unnecessary costs.

Lower water pressure is another pain for commercial building owners. The most common reason for having low water pressure is because of multiple leaks. Find the leaks — fix the problem.

3. Fire Protection

It doesn’t matter how much equipment you have if it doesn’t work. Check all equipment you have to ensure it’s in good working condition and up to date.

Check things like fire alarms, sprinklers, and fire suppression systems for a thorough inspection.

4. Interior Elements

Do you see cracks on the interior of the building? Do you notice that the doors or windows don’t work as they should?

If you see these interior issues, this could be a sign that the commercial building has foundation problems. Plumbing issues and uneven floors are also signs that they could be trouble brewing for your foundation.

Checking for mold is another check to do for interior elements. Mold can be a health risk as well as causing structural problems.

5. Roof Surface Areas

If you or the previous owner doesn’t keep up with proper roof maintenance, the roof can be a major problem. A damaged roof could not only cause problems on the roof but also everything inside the building.

Having a quick look at the roof isn’t enough if you want to find minor issues. A good once over could allow you to catch major issues, but make sure your roof inspector takes their time and looks closely at all roof surface areas.

Using a Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

Now you know more about using a commercial building inspection checklist to avoid missing important items that need attention. Having this knowledge makes all the difference in the buying and selling process, so either create your own or find one online that works for you.

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