Top 5 Things to Look for in an Office Space

The location where you operate your business plays a vital role in its success.

Did you know that?

If your business is not doing as well as you hoped for, and if it does not experience the growth you anticipated, the location might be an underlying problem.

So, what can you do about this? Well, you could continue operating your company in the same place, or you could move. Moving will require a lot of work, but choosing the right office rental space could give your company the boost it needs for success.

Here are five of the top features to look for as you start searching for the right office space to rent.

1. Location

If your current space is not working out well for you, could it be due to a poor business site? According to experts, location plays a critical role in the success of a business.

One reason for this is if the location is not in clear view, people won’t see it. It’s hard to get the word out about any business, but it’s even harder when people can’t see it.

Two, the location affects the expenses. If your company is in the nicest area in town, you might be spending way too much money on your operating expenses. If you can change the location, you might save a lot of money on these costs.

Your location also sends signals to people who see it, and these can be good or bad. The site of your company also makes doing business with you convenient or inconvenient.

As you search for office space to rent, consider these issues, and find a location that offers benefits instead of drawbacks.

2. Parking and Accessibility for Employees and Clients

A second thing to look for when renting office space is parking and accessibility. These two features are essential for your employees, clients, and customers.

People need to park their cars when they work for you or when they need your services or products. If there is no parking available, it will turn people off. Customers will find a place to go where they can easily access the services they need.

Poor parking setups and a lack of easy accessibility are two features that hurt a company’s growth.

3. The Setup, Layout, and Amount of Space

Locating an office building to rent that offers the correct amount of space is also helpful. As you look at your options, you should also consider the setup and layout of the area.

  • How much work will it need to make it useful for your services?
  • Does the building offer a way to effectively present your company’s ethics, values, and services?
  • Are you able to change the features of it without spending too much money?

Ask yourself these questions as you view potential options.

Keep in mind, too, that you shouldn’t rent more space than you need. By renting too much square footage, you’ll be paying more than necessary.

If, however, you plan on expanding your operations in the next couple of years, it might be important to find a place where you can grow.

4. Environmental Features

One factor a lot of companies fail to consider is the environmental features a building offers. You’re probably wondering what this means, aren’t you?

Environmental features are things such as sunlight, smells, and atmosphere. You might not think these qualities matter a lot, but they do.

When employees work in environments that offer natural sunlight, they may be more productive. They may also feel happier and more content, but why is this?

Well, it’s partly because sunlight causes the brain to release hormones called endorphins. These are the same hormones your body releases when you exercise, laugh, and do other enjoyable things. When this occurs, it makes you feel happier.

According to studies, people who work in offices with poor lighting tend to be less productive and less content. Therefore, look for a building that offers sunlight. It could provide positive effects on your company’s profitability.

If you’re struggling to know what additional environmental features matter, talk to a real estate advisory firm. The experts that work there can guide you with this essential aspect of office space and many others.

5. Ability to Customize Your Branding and Business Needs

One last characteristic to consider is the ability a space offers for your company to brand and customize your business.

Branding and customizing a business is vital for recognition, growth, and profitability. The building you operate in may affect your ability to brand effectively, though.

Consider this scenario. Assume your business offers services that are on the cutting edge of technology, but you operate out of a run-down warehouse.

Would this run-down warehouse help you brand a business that sells high-tech services? Probably not. It might be hard for people to take your services and products seriously if your office space looks like it came from the 1980s.

As you start your search for the right place to rent, keep this in mind. You’ll want to rent a place that allows you to match your company’s services and values to the building you operate out of.

Where to Go From Here When Looking for Office Rental Space

As you can imagine, these are just five top features to look for in office rental space, but there are many others.

When you start searching for the right space, take your time and explore all your options. Take the time to research other things to look for in the space you rent.

You can learn more about renting office space and other types of commercial buildings by checking out the rest of our site.