How to Choose the Best Front Door for Your House: The Only Guide You Need

Entry doors can last decades, but in time, they need to be replaced. If you are considering a front door replacement, you want to choose the best front door for your house. The door you choose will likely be your front door for the rest of the time you own your home. 

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing an entry door. You will want your door to be the correct size for your home and for it to be made from a durable and long-lasting material. You’ll want the style to reflect your personality and to complement the overall look of your home.

When choosing a new front door you’ll also want one that is strong and secure and that keeps your family and your possessions safe. You will also want to keep in mind some energy-efficient factors to keep the heat inside in the winter and out in the summertime.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about selecting the best front door for your home. After considering all of these factors, you can head to the store armed with the information you need to make an informed decision.  

Size & Setting

The most important first step to take when shopping for a new entry door is determining the door size that you will need. You also need to consider which way you want it to hang in the doorframe. These are the most basic things to consider when door shopping before going any further on your search.

How to Measure

Measuring a door is a bit more complicated than you might think. The fit of the new door will need to be exact. Fortunately, modern doors come in several standard sizes. However, older homes do not necessarily adhere to these standards. If you own an older home, it’s reasonably likely that you will need to order a custom door. 

You also need to consider whether you want to purchase a pre-hung door or not. A pre-hung door comes with the door frame already attached so that you can slide it into an existing spot without having to attach hinges or locks. 

It’s also possible to buy a door alone, but it will have to be hung. You can do it yourself, but this is a job that you may prefer to leave to a professional.

You can figure out which size your door is by measuring in two ways. When measuring height, measure from the underside of the exterior trim at the top of the door down to the sill at the bottom.

To determine the width, measure it in three places: at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom. If these numbers are different choose the shortest measurement of the three to use when shopping.


You should also make a note of your door’s swing. The swing is the direction the door opens. Is the door handle on the left side of your current door or the right? Do you like it the way it is now, or would you like to switch it up? Some doors can be used either way, but some cannot. Keep this in mind when door shopping. 


The material your door is constructed from is also very important. You want something that will not only last a long time, but that will also look good too. Further, you want a door that will open and close easily without being too heavy or cumbersome. Doors come in a variety of materials; which one you choose is really simply personal preference.


The most popular material for doors is wood. Wooden entry doors look great and are versatile. They come in a wide variety of types of wood including mahogany, maple, fir, pine, walnut, cherry, oak and more. 

Stock wood doors are fairly inexpensive but you get what you pay for in this case. They are often easily damaged and as a result, they can look old quickly.

The most expensive doors are made of solid wood. They can cost as much as thousands of dollars but they will last a lifetime. Most homeowners seek out a door that is somewhere between these two types.


A steel door is the best front door choice if you are looking for security. These doors are strong and do not break down over time. Although they can get dented and scratched easily, they are also easy to repair. 

Furthermore, steel doors are very affordable. They usually come pre-hung as one large piece which makes them easy to install. 


Fiberglass-composite doors are excellent for humid climates because they can really take a beating when it comes to heat and humidity. These are often made to look like wood, but they are really made out of artificial materials. 

Like steel doors, fiberglass-composite doors are priced low. They often come with excellent warranties because their manufacturers know that they will last a very long time. 


Aluminum doors are purchased through an aluminum door dealer and each one is made to your specifications. They have an enamel finish so they never need painting and you don’t have to worry about rust.

However, because these doors are so long-lasting and because they are custom made, they can be fairly expensive. Their cost is second only to that of solid wood doors.


Once you have figured out the size and material that you want your entry door to be, the next thing to think about is style. Although the above factors are crucial considerations when it comes to use and durability, style is important because it’s what everyone will see.

Your neighbors will notice your door, it’s the first thing your visitors see, and it’s something you will also have to like for years to come.

When choosing a door style, you will want to make sure that it matches the architectural style of the house overall or it will look out of place. A door can add a special flair to a home and can say a lot about the people who live within.

If you fall in love with a door but it doesn’t match your home’s overall style, window replacement might do the trick to bring it all together. You may not have been thinking about replacing your windows when you went door shopping, but some people find it’s best to replace everything all at once for congruency of style.


Color also plays a big part when it comes to style. You can go the traditional route and paint your door a standard color like gray, brown, beige, or black. If you want to use your door to draw the eye of the passerby to your home, you might consider colors that are bolder like red, yellow, orange, green, or a bright blue. 


Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and a door can help you to accomplish this feeling for calm and security. Choosing a thick, strong, and durable door will help to secure your home and keep thieves out. A steel door, as mentioned above, is excellent for this purpose, but many other types of doors can meet this goal as well. 

When shopping for a door with security in mind, check out not only the construction but the locks. You can always add additional security measures to a door after installation, but the door itself should have a good amount of quality locks built right into the design.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is another thing that you will want to think about when door shopping. Whether you are most concerned about keeping your home warm in the winter or keeping it cool in the summer, the door you choose can make a notable difference. 

You want the door itself to be insulated, of course, but you will also want to make sure that it will have a tight seal on all four sides. You don’t want a door that buckles or warps in the heat or you will lose a lot of your heating and cooling to the great outdoors.

Find the Best Front Door for You

Finding the best front door for your home can seem challenging when you start looking, but if you know what to look for, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

When you do go door shopping, you will likely encounter knowledgable staff that will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Soon you will have a new door for your home. The one you choose will reflect so many things about you and your family, so once it’s installed, you can look upon it proudly for years to come. 

Good luck and happy door shopping.

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