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10 Most Common Foundation Repair Myths Every Homeowner Believes

The myths surrounding foundation repair are rampant. You hear a story from someone who told you that story from someone else, and so on. No matter where these myths originate, they can damage your foundation repair project if you believe them all. We’ll debunk 10 of the most prevalent foundation repair myths here!

 #1 Myth: All foundation repairs require excavation

No excavation is required during the foundation repair process. It consists of a wide range of services that can be performed in an emergency or as part of a planned project. Some foundation repairs may require a small amount of excavation, such as installing steel pins to strengthen deep foundations, while others may not require any digging. The extent of the problem will influence the solution.

#2 Myth: It’s not worth repairing your foundation if you can’t see a crack or hole in it

Often, homeowners need to consider certain aspects when evaluating their house foundations. Before attempting any repairs, it is important to address water problems. Furthermore, cracks on the surface may be deceptive – damage to the foundation can go undetected with no visible indicators. It is wise to remain vigilant and watch for anything that might lead to further troubles.

#3 Myth: Foundation repair is expensive 

The cost of foundation repair will differ on multiple factors, such as your state and how severe your issue is. Minor fixes may not need to disrupt your lawn, but serious conditions could require excavating and drilling. This could include repair for a cracked foundation wall or a sinking concrete slab. Two primary types of foundations can suffer from issues: pier and beam or spread footings. Again, the costs depend greatly on how bad the damages are and what kind of work is needed to fix them. Ignoring these issues now will only lead to increased costs later, so take action while you still can. 

#4 Myth: Foundation repairs require removing the house from its original foundations 

Even though this is false, you have probably heard about it from some people around you. Generally, people believe foundation repair requires the house to be removed entirely from its original foundations to fix a problem, but this is not the case! It is possible to perform foundation repair without removing your home. Today, you can do foundation repair work without moving anything. 

#5 Myth: Foundation repairs are a one-time process

It varies on the level of damage your foundation has, but at least every two years, you should have it inspected. An experienced contractor can help identify any signs of destruction caused by water leakage, termites, concrete blisters, wall cracks, and more. Ignoring these issues can lead to far more expensive repairs down the line, so it’s best to take preventive measures now. Homeowners can help, too, by doing certain things that might prevent further damage to their foundations.

#6 Myth: Foundation repairs always involve breaking up old concrete

A foundation repair does not always involve tearing up old concrete; it is possible to do most of the work without breaking it. Instead of tearing out the old concrete, grout injection systems inject polyurethane foam under pressure between the floor slab and the foundation or pier cap instead of tearing it up. Concrete does not have to be removed for this method.

#7 Myth: I need an expert contractor or specialist to fix my problem

A common misconception about foundation repairs is that if something looks complicated, it must also require specialized training, which will cost a lot, which is false. Fortunately, it is not too expensive to do foundation repair, even though it takes specialized training. You can work with local contractors who offer exceptional foundation services at reasonable prices. Just because something looks expensive doesn’t mean it has to be.

#8 Myth: The best way to fix a foundation leak is to fill it

If you can see a crack, you can easily fill it and move on. That should solve your problem.

That’s not true. Filling a crack with caulk or another material will fix it aesthetically but won’t address the core issue. Furthermore, by filling a crack with untested material, you risk the material failing under the weight of water stress and expanding the crack.

A professional basement repair contractor should be contacted when you spot a crack. DIY solutions may work in the short term, but more is needed to solve the problem.

#9 Myth: It’s okay to wait to fix your foundation

You don’t have to repair a crack immediately after spotting it, do you? You can let the crack sit for a while if it is a little damp. Delaying foundation repairs is possible in the short run, but it will have severe consequences in the long run. If you let a crack grow for too long, it will only get worse. As a result, if you don’t call a contractor soon, you’ll pay far more than you had.

#10 Myth: Overwatering exacerbates foundation cracks

Does overwatering your outdoor plants cause your foundation to crack after long-term exposure to water? Myths say yes – reality says no. Water is essential to the health of your outdoor landscaping. You can use the plants surrounding your perimeter as a natural barrier, with the roots absorbing water that would otherwise leak into your foundation, provided the sources aren’t too large.

You are protecting your home by watering these plants during a drought. Waterless soil shrinks over time. When there is rainfall, the unprepared ground will be unable to gather all the water. As a result, your foundation may experience cracks due to increased water flow. As a result, watered perimeter landscaping protects your foundation and enhances the appearance of your surroundings.


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