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10 Common Home Repairs: Tips & Tricks

Homes are one of the most important assets we possess. While its primary purpose is to provide shelter, it becomes our companion through the ups and downs of life and countless stories. A good, well-conditioned home also fetches a better price if you want to sell it.

Caring for your home is not rocket science; just doing some basic things will make your home look new. We have provided ten tips to give you a basic idea of how it works.

  • Repairing the furniture – If you notice your chair or sofa set creaking, it is time to fix them. Fixing old furniture such as chairs and tables are very simple task. You don’t even need to hire a carpenter unless the fixing procedure is complicated. Hammer some new nails and check if they’re still wobbly. If they are too old and beyond repair, just get new ones.
  • House paint – Painting your house is one of the fundamentals to keep your house new for many years. A few fresh coats not only hide the small lines and ridges but also increase value – it is one of the first things that a buyer will notice. Hiring a painting contractor ensures that you are leaving your home in expert hands.
  • Water leakage – This is something that can really harm the structure and decrease the property’s value, not to mention the huge sums of money you need to spend on repairs once the damage is done. Water leakage can also lead to mold, posing a threat to your health. Identify all the areas affected and seal the portions with a waterproof solution. Additionally, consider using a water sub meter for apartments to monitor your water usage closely, this could help identify any potential leaks earlier by noticing an unusual increase in water consumption.
  • Unclogging the toilet drain – This is something you may try doing yourself before calling a plumber to do that. You need two toilet-specific tools – a toilet plunger and a toilet auger. Try using the toilet plunger first; make sure it has flappers to seal it tightly within the drain. If the toilet is too clogged and the plunger doesn’t work, then use the auger. Augers are much like drain snakes, but for toilets.
  • Cleaning mirrors and windows – Another job that you can do by yourself, but for the windows outside resting higher, you need to call in experts. You need a damp cloth or a cleaning broom and some detergent soap, and you’re set. Gently rub the detergent solution and rinse with water. Be careful not to put too much pressure. For clean mirrors, you may also try taping aluminum foil to the back of the mirror.
  • Fixing copper pipes from leakage – You may think that it is hard to fix copper pipes and only experts can do it, then think otherwise. Fixing copper pipes is fairly easy, and you can do it with just a metal cutter. Cut out the leaking part and replace it with a new part.
  • Repairing curtains – There is no doubt that curtains and drapes make our homes look fresh and beautiful. So, fixing them should be your priority. Check for the links that hold the curtains with the curtain rod. If they seem loose, tighten them or replace them. Check if the curtain rod is rusty, then clean the rust, or simply get new ones. Also, make sure the rods are not bent.
  • Cleaning the bathroom mold – Bathrooms are fairly common places to witness mold and other fungi. So, before you slip on them, it is better to clean them and keep your bathroom safe from such unwanted accidents. You are good with getting a bucket full of detergent water and a broom. However, if they keep on hugging the surface, calling an expert will fix the problem.
  • Loosening up a tight door or window – Windows and doors jam because of the variations in moisture and temperature throughout the year. Sometimes they fix on their own as the weather changes, but a few will always trouble you. Identify the area which is getting stuck and cut out strips from the wood to make sure it doesn’t rub against the surface anymore.
  • Cleaning the roof – Cleaning the roof is one of the trickiest parts and for that, getting expert help is the best bet. If your property has a solar installation, you might need to contact the power company before letting the professionals do their thing. The rest is simple enough.


If you’re worried about cleaning your home, then follow these above tips, so you don’t feel clueless. The good thing about these tips is, they are easily doable just by yourself, so it will help you save some money too.


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