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10 Patio Design Ideas

People tend to spend more time outdoors because of the warm weather. More homeowners are putting in the time and effort for designing the exterior and perimeters of their homes, especially the patio area.

Experiencing the summer season means more outdoor activities such as having a cookout with family and friends as you enjoy the fresh air, but it would be best if you had your patio to be presentable and functions properly for your needs. Here are some patio design ideas if you are building a new one or upgrading to a more adaptable area of your home.

1. A Private Patio

LED lighting can improve both interior and exterior designs. You may incorporate string lights for a modern patio with a high privacy fence that will provide a sense of privacy. Installing higher fences is a good option, especially when people can see your patio from the outside.

2. Fabulous Entry

A staircase always catches the attention of your visitors, as it divides your patio into two areas. The elevated level can be your dining, while the lower end could be an ideal space for your patio furniture, that can be invited to have a relaxing time.

3. An Adjustable Patio

Changing the layout of your patio can take a lot of hard work, but some decors can quickly adapt to their surroundings. You may choose to have modular sectional sofas, which you can easily pull apart and create your patio design by moving them around. You can position your sofas if you have an intimate dinner with your special someone, or if you are hosting a party.

4. Outdoor Art and Dining

If you have art pieces inside your home, you may try displaying them in your patio. Art pieces can add outdoor scene features that can make some furniture the focal point of the area.

5. Outdoor Space Layers

Your outdoor space can be a very interesting place, especially if you have a compact space and a rolling lot. You may want to consider multiple layers of patios for your backyard: a tiered seating area, a fire pit, and custom benches on the lower patio level.

6. Bungalow Home Exterior

Some bungalow houses can provide an indoor-outdoor concept that has large patio tiles, connecting the patio to the perimeters of the house.

7. Pergola

A pergola with an open roof provides full ventilation as it lets cool breezes pass through during the summer season. It would add more coziness if you place some chairs and a sofa for comfortable seating.

8. Modern Rooftop Patio

A rooftop patio can be an excellent place for dining alfresco. It would be great if you have potted plants that provide life to the city space. You may also decorate your patio with fairy lights to give a magical feel at night, with the city’s skyline as your beautiful backdrop.

9. A Patio With A Vertical Garden

You may incorporate a luscious vertical garden as a backdrop for your patio. Consider using a smaller scale of furniture to match a small space. It can also act as a vertical fence that still provides a great view but gives a sense of personal space.

10. Multiplex

You may transform your patio into an outdoor movie venue with a DIY movie screen, a projector, and a good sound system. Throw in a few pillows and a nice carpet for your movie watchers.

Creating your patio requires good planning and research. Make sure you are talking to the right people such as the City Seamless Patio Covers, which can provide you with professional services for your patio covers. Your patio will not only give you satisfaction, but it will also add value to your property.


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