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10 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean While It Is for Sale

Cleanliness is a buying point for most prospective buyers. These tips go hand in hand if you are planning to sell your house.

  • Declutter: Donate and Dispose.

Go to some rooms that have clutter; some furniture or items are best when thrown or donated. It is up to you. A good rule of thumb: if it does not make you happy, let it go.

  • Deep Clean House.

It is natural for homes to become dirty and messy. You can have a deep clean schedule once a week. Clean the corners, ceiling, and other locations that are out of reach. A spotless home is much easier to maintain.

  • Be organized.

Every item and furniture in the house has its rightful place. Do not let items lie around counters. It is best to give them a place, so the items become no longer shuffled around.

  • Follow Daily Routine.

Having a daily routine excuses you from having long hours of cleaning and organizing. Micromanaging household chores is better at this point. It helps make everything look clean and ready for unexpected showings.

  • End-of-Week Retouch.

You have been diligently cleaning throughout the week; you do not have to break your back cleaning on Friday for the jam-packed showing schedule for the weekend. Do a walkthrough around the house to ensure you did not miss anything. Do some retouch if there are spaces you missed on cleaning or organizing.

  • Clean Out Closets and Cabinets.

These places have the most clutter. Organize the things that have value and throw away those that are not used. Some store some things in the closets and cabinets to make the rooms look bigger.

  • Sort and Donate Wardrobe.

Lessen your wardrobe to make moving out and transferring easier. Sort out your wardrobe and choose the ones that you want to donate. Make sure to read the donation guidelines of each charity. Do not forget to wash the clothes you are about to donate. If you are busy enough to wash at home, delegate the task to a laundry service.

  • Do Laundry.

Laundry is no one’s favorite household chore, but you do not want to have a mountain of laundry lying around while strangers go to see your house. Put away the laundry so no one can see it. Call a laundry pickup and delivery service if it is already enough for one load.

  • Clean While Cooking.

It might be overwhelming for some to cook and clean. However, it is nice to sit down and go down to your meal knowing that your kitchen and countertop are all clean. You only have the dishes to wash. You would not have to worry if someone wants to see your house with last-minute notice.

  • Light a Diffuser.

Houses that are kept clean and organized smell nice, but you want to light a diffuser to ensure your house smells great before any showings. Make your house welcoming and cozy; buyers will definitely remember your house.


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