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3 of the Best Investment Ideas for New Traders

Investment trading is an excellent way to make a passive income and boost your retirement fund. You have complete control over your investments, and you can make instant decisions about your money.
If you’re planning to become an investment trader soon, you’ve probably learned the basics of stock and commodity investment trading. Don’t worry if you haven’t, because the infographic on this page will give you some hints and tips to get started.
You’re probably reading this because you want some inspiration on what to add to your investment portfolio. Take a look at the following investment ideas for new traders:
1. Indices
First of all, investing in indices like the Nikkei 225 or S&P 500 stock market indices is an excellent introduction to the world of retail investment trading. That’s because you’ve already got a diverse selection to add to your portfolio, thus limiting your risk exposure.
2. Company Shares
Secondly, company shares in good performers like Amazon or Apple are another way to spread your risk and make lucrative medium to long-term returns. Ensure you research each company before you invest.
3. Government Bond Funds
Last but not least, if you’re looking for a relatively low-risk way to start investing, one option to consider is government bond funds. They are mutual funds or ETFs, and they invest in the U.S. government.
Government bond funds are ideal for risk-averse traders and beginners alike. Plus, they’re backed by the U.S. government for added peace of mind.

Check out the latest Nikkei 225 chart live


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