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3 Excellent Home Improvements that Really Make a Difference

If you buy a home, you can improve it in many different ways. You can make some minor or major improvements. You can do some yourself if you like DIY projects, or you may hire someone if you do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself.

In this article, we’ll discuss some home improvements you can do that will make a real difference. Some make your home better and more enjoyable while you’re living there. Others will give your home more resale value. Some will even do both of those things.

Install a Central Air Unit

You may decide you’ll look into the air conditioner installation cost if you don’t have a central air unit yet, or if you have one, but it’s not functional. Maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t get all that hot in the summer. If not, you can probably get away with having no central air unit. If you live somewhere that has hot summers, though, you’ll likely want central air at some point.

You might have a window unit for a while, and that may work until you reach a day that hits the upper 90s or triple digits. At that point, you will probably relent and look into some affordable central air units and how much it will cost if you have a company install one for you.

This falls into the category of things you can buy that you’ll enjoy but that will also improve your home’s value. It’s likely you won’t install a central air unit yourself. You might like DIY projects, but you should call in the pros on this one to make sure you get a fully-functional AC unit.

Plant a Garden

This is another project that you can enjoy while you’re living in that house, and it might improve your home’s property value as well. You probably can’t get a higher price on the property if you sell it like you can with a central air unit, but your garden gives your home curb appeal, and that counts for a lot as well.

You may plant a garden in the front yard under the windows so that people can see it from the street. You might also plant one in the back if that’s more convenient. People can’t see it from the front, but you’ll still enjoy planting flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs back there.

You can plant things and tend your garden when you feel some stress in your life. Gardening lowers your blood pressure. It makes you slow down and appreciate the little things, and that’s tremendously valuable as you get older.

Install a Deck

You might also install a deck if you don’t have one yet. Some properties don’t have room, but many of them do. Maybe when you moved in, the house had an existing deck, but one in very poor condition.

If so, you can hire a company to tear it down and construct a new one, or they can repair the current one if that’s possible. If you don’t have a deck yet, then they must start from scratch.

You probably can’t build a deck yourself unless you have some significant carpentry skills. If you hire a company, the average deck might cost anywhere from $3K-$8k, depending on how large and fancy you make it.

Once you install your deck, your home has an entirely new dimension. You can set up some deck chairs and sit in them when the weather gets nice. You can bring a book and some lemonade and have a pleasant afternoon.

You might buy a big umbrella and put it up so that it blocks the sun on hot days. You can snooze in your chair with the umbrella deflecting the sun’s rays, and you won’t get a sunburn.

You might buy a grill as well. You can get a charcoal one or a top-of-the-line gas one. If you get a good-sized grill, you can have parties back there.

You might get some burgers or hot dogs, or you may get more creative. Perhaps you’ll grill some fish, pork shoulder, turkey burgers, hot links, corn, or wild game.

You can set up a table back there and have a feast with all of your friends, neighbors, and family members. You might have graduation parties, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, etc.

This purchase will certainly improve your home’s value, and you can enjoy it for several months out of every year.


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