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3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Home Appliances in your New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting but to make it totally your own, you might be looking to replace some older appliances, or want to revamp your kitchen with stainless steel options, there are some simple ways you can save a good amount of money. (An added bonus, installing new appliances is a way to refresh your kitchen without needing a contractor.)

Let’s dig into three easy ways to save money on home appliances.

Look for warranties that make sense, and simply buy a better product

Not all warranties are created equal. On average, you should be skipping the long-term warranty and putting the money into savings where that extra sum of money can garner interest, and easily cover any repairs you might need several years down the road. A defective product is typically warrantied automatically if you get home and find that your washer and dryer is not functioning. So, if a product says it is already under warranty, there’s almost no reason to purchase an extended service plan. The problem with service plans and warranties is that they have fairly strict stipulations, and the warranty is often more expensive than the price to simply fix the appliance out-of-pocket.

So, instead of being charmed by the salesperson who is looking to up their commissions, look at reviews and consumer ratings, and contact the brand directly if you have concerns or questions about what is covered in a typical warranty.

Consider a refurbished or display model appliance

Stores will cut costs fairly dramatically on any display model appliance when they are looking to sell it, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less in working order than it’s shiny counterpart in a cardboard box. The qualifier is you have to know when a store is phasing out one model for the next so that you can buy it directly from them when it goes on sale. Another option is to consider a refurbished appliance from an appliance outlet, but again, you’ll need to be quick when you do find something you like since they are typically one-off items.

If you are not in a rush though, buying a reduced cost appliance can be a huge cost saver. Just keep in mind that you’ll still want to look for energy-saving appliances.

Look for energy-saving appliances

Finally, look at how an appliance will save you money long-term. Do your research before purchasing, and consider how an appliance will affect your energy bills.

As an example, an older fridge that lets out significant heat has two problems: it is inefficient which means it is automatically using more energy, costing you more on your energy bill, and it is releasing heat into the air on the months that it is working hardest to stay cool, meaning you’re then heating your surrounding area, and forced to use more air conditioning, increasing your energy costs. In a small loft, something like an old fridge can really heat the place up.

Look for lighting options for shop lights like these that use LED bulbs, and consider replacing any non-LED lights in appliances like microwaves and freezers. If you’re not sure if a light bulb is an LED, place your hand near it after a few seconds; if it feels warm, it’s time to replace it with a smarter bulb that will save you money on your energy bill long-term.

Appliances are rated on energy efficiency from A+++ to G. Check the label, and avoid any label that falls closer to G; if you’re in doubt, the labels are color-coded. Green is great while red is the least energy-efficient and will cost you more on your energy bill.

Keep these three tips in mind when purchasing your next appliances and lighting to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and reduce your overall costs.


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