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3 Things You should know Buying Real Estate in Panama


Dive into essential insights before buying real estate in Panama. From burgeoning sectors to regulatory nuances, this article unveils three crucial considerations for prospective investors. Discover the keys to navigating Panama’s investment landscape effectively.

Examine the prices listed on online platforms before investing

Numerous real estate websites, including Panacrypto, cater to home buyers and sellers. Online searches dominate property hunting, offering time efficiency and price comparison for investors.

Here are 5 Key Considerations for Online Home Searches: 

  1. Choices: The Internet offers numerous property options for sale, providing buyers with a wide selection. Technological advancements have improved online property viewing, including 360-degree views, videos, and images. These digital features allow buyers to gain a comprehensive understanding of properties and their amenities from the comfort of their homes.
  2. Always prioritize the Physical Inspection: While online information is valuable, visiting the property remains essential. Always inspect in person to fully understand specifications. Quality of construction, surroundings, and accessibility are critical factors in both physical and virtual property assessments.
  3. Resisting online offers can safeguard against potential risks and scams: Approach properties with numerous suggestions cautiously, as it may indicate promotional tactics. Focus on direct purchase rather than being swayed by offers. Discuss individual suggestions with the dealer. Compare prices of selected properties with other features to find the most affordable and suitable option, ensuring the best choice.
  4. Documents: It’s crucial to review all paperwork related to the property transaction, ensuring transparency from the dealer’s end and verifying credibility. Fill out online forms but keep physical copies. Ensure documents align with government regulations, contain all necessary details, and are easily understandable. Avoid hidden information and ensure mutual agreement. Thoroughly examine all documents before proceeding.
  5. Reputable Websites: Trust reliable platforms such as Panacrypto when selecting properties, avoiding dubious sites with false promises. Consider various agent opinions and close acquaintances for insight. Once you’ve found the ideal option, compare prices across multiple platforms before making a decision.

Exercise caution when considering promoters’ prices for new developments

The Panama real estate market is experiencing continuous growth, with numerous developers launching investment offers for new developments. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution before committing. Carefully review contracts, as they often conceal additional costs and potential price hikes.

Here are some red flags from a Real Estate Promoter:

  1. The one-man show who can “do it all”

Attempting to handle due diligence, property construction, management, and legal and financial tasks alone is impractical. Successful and viable opportunities require collaboration among a team of experts. Multiple perspectives enhance outcomes significantly. A solo endeavor raises immediate concerns and should be avoided.

  1. “I will manage all the legal documentation— We can opt not to employ a lawyer.”

This signals danger, particularly for commercial or syndicated private placement projects. While working without an attorney might be feasible for turnkey single-family homes, it’s crucial to have legal guidance for larger commercial endeavors.

  1. “Don’t question my fees.”

Charging fees is acceptable, but transparency is crucial. Promoters must justify fees for accountability. Without fees, operational expenses and diligence become challenging. Lack of fee transparency raises concerns, signaling potential issues.

Examine supplementary costs associated with real estate investment in Panama

Seeking counsel from an experienced real estate lawyer is vital to navigating potential pitfalls in investments. Their expertise mitigates risks and ensures a smooth transaction process. Consider legal fees as an investment for safeguarding your assets. Additionally, be mindful of associated bank expenses essential for completing the investment. A lawyer’s guidance is invaluable in managing these costs and expediting the deal closure efficiently. 

Expenses linked to investing in real estate in Panama:

Buyers Closing Cost

  • Property Transfer Tax: The Panamanian government imposes a 2% property title transfer tax on the higher of the sales price or cadastral value. Additionally, a 3% advance of capital gains tax is levied based on the sale value.
  • Registration Charges: Registration fees amount to approximately 0.3% of the sale price.
  • Notary Fees: Notary fees typically range from $200 to $300.
  • Legal Expenses: To ensure a secure property purchase in Panama, obtaining a payment check from a local bank is advisable. This check guarantees a legally sound transfer of ownership, with fees ranging from 0.25% to 1%, varying by bank.

 Sellers Closing Cost

  • Real Estate Commission: The Real Estate Commission ranges from 3% to 4% in the primary market and around 5% in the secondary market.
  • Sales and Capital Gains Tax: Before the 2021 law change, property sellers faced a 2% sales tax and a 10% capital gain tax. Previously, even selling at a loss required a mandatory 3% advance capital gains tax, causing delays in refunds. However, with the introduction of Law 208 in April 2021, non-regular real estate traders can opt for a 10% tax on actual profits, eliminating the need for the 3% advance tax.
  • Escrow Fees: These fees typically range from 0.5% to 1% of the transaction amount.
  • Outstanding Debts and Liens: Before the sale can be finalized, sellers must settle any outstanding debts, mortgages, and liens associated with the property. These expenses must be cleared to transfer clear title to the buyer


In conclusion, these three fundamental considerations serve as guiding lights for prospective investors in Panama. By scrutinizing online prices, exercising caution with promoters’ offers, and accounting for supplementary costs, investors can navigate the intricacies of Panama’s real estate market with confidence. Understanding these nuances empowers investors to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential in this dynamic and promising market. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and unlock the opportunities awaiting in Panama’s investment landscape.

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