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3 Tips For Aussies Migrating To Miami

Are you an Australian looking to swap the plaintive ululations of the digeridoo and stunning sunset over Uluru for the multicultural buzz of Miami, Florida?

Thanks to year-round sunshine, you’ll be able to bring your speedos, bikinis, and sunblock – but naturally, there are other considerations before handing on your notice at work, putting the house up for sale and hopping on the next flight to MIA.

The logistics are compounded if you plan to move with your partner and kids, but as you’d expect, there are legal requirements from US authorities that you’ll have to satisfy before you even consider which neighborhood to live in and what you’ll do to earn a crust.

You’ve got to start somewhere though, so reading these three tips for Aussies migrating to Miami is as good a first step as any

1 Check visa requirements

Don’t just rock up to the US border and cheerily declare that you’re camping out in their country forever – you’ll need to secure a US visa first.

You’ll find all the relevant information from the US Embassies & Consulates in Australia site, but in short, to secure a US immigrant visa, you’ll usually need sponsorship from a US citizen, lawful resident, US employer or immediate relative. There are various visa categories and the sponsor starts the process by filing a petition with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

2 Pick the right neighborhood

If your Miami knowledge is exclusively garnered from the video from Will Smith’s sonic celebration of the city, perhaps living your dream in Miami constitutes dressing in cool flowing clothes, living on a speedboat and buzzing from party to party.

But the reality is probably that you’ll have to find a sensible home on terra firma – and there are plenty of excellent neighborhoods where you’ll settle in smoothly as a newcomer.  Coconut Grove is blissfully laid-back and Little Havana has pulsating Cuban vibes, but trendy Miami Design District is to die for.

3 Find the best school

When you’re migrating with kids in tow, you’ll want to ensure that there’s minimum disruption to their education, especially if they’re at high school age and exams are on the horizon.

Luckily, there are many excellent schools in the Miami area, including the renowned Ransom Everglades School, Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. It’s best to visit in person with your kids so that they can suss out if they’ll be comfortable, but you’ll find more information on a comparison site like

Getting there

Prior to committing to a permanent Miami move, you’ll want to take a fact-finding trip, so check out for the cheapest flight and bag early bird airport parking deals from Cairns and Mackay to Sydney on

And once you’ve settled in as an honorary Floridian, don’t forget to invite us over to see your new pad!


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