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4 DIY Home Renovation Tips on a Budget

Home renovation is the only constant that keeps on showing in home decor’s books every year.

The science behind renovating homes changes, new trends capture the market, and the scale of renovation differs from one home to another. But one thing that never changes is the desire to upgrade a home’s curb appeal, making it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

But let’s admit that having a desire to remodel a home is one thing, and implementing that desire is totally another—even a low-end home remodelling costs between $15,000 to $40,000. Not to forget the piling up of unexpected costs that end up breaking your bank.

Does it mean that home renovation is only for rich people? Well, not really! You can give a refreshing new look to your home with a small budget and DIY antics that transform your house without costing much.

Here are given some budget-friendly, DIY home renovation ideas:

Splash a New Color Coat

A fresh coat of paints is like an igniting push to the home renovation. Sometimes you don’t even need expensive art pieces and furniture to make your place look expensive if you play with the right color shades on the right walls.

But painting your house can single-handedly burst your budget if you hire a professional painter. That’s where DIY wall painting can help you get a new paint coat without going out of budget.

The good thing is that you can find many online how-to paint tutorial videos to get some professional insight into painting. Once you know the basics, you just need to choose the paint of your choice and start painting. Believe me, within $150; you will change the look of your place drastically!

Add Crown Molding

The core of home renovation is to give a more fine look to your house. So, adding molding to your ceiling goes perfectly with this idea because it enhances the charm of the place and increases the value. In fact, you will see that crown molding is a common feature when you see different houses for sale in Dubai. Reason? Because it also gives your house elite and uplift appeal. So, this is a must in your home renovation plan!

Fortunately, crown molding doesn’t require a professional touch. All thanks to those companies making polystyrene foam crown molding coated in plaster. Unlike wood moldings, you can cut them in any size and put them easily. Guess how much it costs? Surprisingly, not more than $200.

Touch Up Kitchen Cabinets

If you think that stove runs the show in your kitchen, then you need to give another look to your gloomy kitchen cabinets. You keep your utensils, ingredients, and other machinery in cabinets, so no wonder that their frequent use wears them out.

Rugged polish and broken handles of the cabinets pull down the whole vibe of the kitchen even if door frames are intact. So, a renovation swipe to your kitchen cabinets can upgrade the kitchen for all the right reasons.

All you need for this magical change is sandpaper, polish or paint, and handles. In return, you will get brand new kitchen cabinets that will ooze class and fresh look within just $150-$200.

Upgrade Landscape

Besides transforming the interior of your house, never forget to add landscape remodeling to your renovation project. In case you don’t know, the landscape is the perfect solution if you want to increase the value of your home.

A patio, swimming pool, and outer dining area is the best idea to improve the landscape. But it costs a lot. So, a fresh coat on the outer door, a few more plants, hanging fairy lights on trees, and cleaning tiles are the best ideas to positively impact a house’s value without costing much.

So, now you know that home renovating is not only about splurging money. You can change the look of your house with a small amount of money if you are ready to get your hands dirty. Try these ideas and thank us later!


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