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4 Effective Ways to Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

Keeping our homes and belongings safe is important to us all, but could you be doing more to protect them? There may be things you hadn’t even considered doing that could provide you and your family with added security, so it’s a good idea to review it all from time to time.

Here are 4 effective ways to keep your property safe and secure.

Be careful what you post on social media

You may not realize it, but what you post on social media could compromise the safety of your home. An innocent check-in on Facebook or a post about your imminent luxury vacation could be seen by someone with less than honorable ideas so be careful of what you post.

If you don’t want to minimize the details in your posts, at least check your security settings and make sure that only those you are friends with can see them.

Do you have a security alarm system?

There are various options in terms of home alarm systems available these days, so if you don’t already have one, it’s something you should consider. Not only will a home alarm system alert you should someone try to enter your property, but it may also deter unwanted visitors from attempting to break in.

If you are unsure about what system will suit your needs and your budget, talk to a specialist who can advise you. Wireless monitored alarm systems are reported to have faster response times in case of an emergency, so are certainly worth enquiring about.

Keep windows and doors locked

Intruders will usually target homes that they feel are more easily accessed, so make sure your downstairs windows and doors are closed and locked, especially at night. It’s easy to leave a door unlocked or a window open, so try to get into the habit of checking them all before going to bed.

If your windows don’t have locks, find out if they can be fitted retrospectively or look into having them replaced. Not only do windows locks make your property safer, but they should also lower your home insurance premiums. It’s also a good idea to close curtains at night time as anyone looking to get up to no good won’t be able to see into your home.

Fire safety

Intruders aren’t the only hazard you are faced with when it comes to home safety. Fires can destroy property and compromise your safety, so it’s important to minimize the risks. If you don’t already have hard-wired smoke alarms, arrange for an electrician to install them to all levels of your home. These alarms are mains powered but come with a battery back up so that they will continue to monitor smoke levels even in the event of a power cut. Change the batteries every year and regularly test that the alarms are working (every alarm comes with a test button).

Another way to minimize the risk of a fire is to turn sockets off when not in use. Mobile phone leads plugged into a wall and not connected to a phone can catch fire, so make sure your whole family is aware of the risks. It’s common for mobile leads to be used in bed, which can further enhance the dangers, so make sure all sockets are switched off.

It’s also important not to leave your home or go to bed if any of your appliances such as your dishwasher or dryer are running. If they catch fire and you are sleeping, the results could be fatal, so don’t take any chances.


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