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4 Energy Efficient Improvements to Make for Your Home

Energy efficiency is where you perform the same tasks but use less power than before. You will need to audit your energy consumption habits when you seek to create an energy-efficient home.

Many people only consider extensive appliance upgrades when necessary because of the high price tags. However, the initial investment cost on these improvements can add value to your property and save you monthly electric bills significantly.

Get help to determine if your home is energy efficient by establishing when, how, and where the power is utilized in the house.

Below are some energy-efficient home improvements that relieve your wallet and the environment.

Upgrade Your Home Appliances to Modern Energy Efficient Ones

As appliances and electronics become more advanced, the demands on your electrical system rise. According to a highly trained Dallas electrician, your electrical system must meet the demands of these advanced electronics and appliances.

Modern technology takes a keen interest in energy efficiency, making appliances that are 15 -20 years old inefficient by the current standards. Recent developments in the home heating systems industry render ACs older than a decade old and hence due for replacement.

You may need to evaluate and identify high-energy home appliances that need to be upgraded to energy-efficient ones. A low-cost refrigerator in the market today can use less energy than a high-end 12-year-old fridge, thanks to constant product improvement and development. Besides improving ductwork and adding insulation, you may need to replace some appliances and upgrade your AC.

Seal Window and Doors, or Replace them with New Ones

Using caulk to seal windows and doors eliminates drafts making it cheaper to cool or heat your home. Though simple, caulking is a highly energy-efficient improvement that will save you high energy bills and other problems like pests resulting from cracks and gaps. In buildings with old single-pane windows, caulking may not suffice.

New door and window models are energy efficient as they prevent cold or hot air from escaping, hence great at regulating the interior temperature. Wood-framed windows give the best value when it comes to insulation, though a bit more expensive than aluminum or vinyl models.

Improve Insulation

The US Department of Energy fact sheet guides homeowners on the most suitable and sufficient insulation for their climate. Most old homes need insulation upgrades as the attic loses heat when hot air rises. In most cases, new homes are well ventilated, but others will do with some improvements as they are under-insulated in the room below the roof.

An extra layer of insulation is an energy-efficient improvement that can considerably save you money on bills and add to your home value. Check out for any areas that need a retouch in your home.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

This should have been the top tip. While intelligent thermostats may seem expensive to purchase, they are a money saver and worthy investment.

A smart thermostat will give you the details of your energy use patterns. You also get the right to customize settings according to your needs. This device is crucial for energy-efficient improvement as you can set it to maintain the same temperature day and night. You can also check in at home to see if you switched off the lights.


Creating an energy-efficient home starts with the intention and is not as complex as it may appear. The tips above will set you off on your journey to attaining an energy-efficient home as you enjoy an incredible difference.


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