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4 Home Improvements to Enhance Your Comfort

Today, when the pandemic has taken over our lives, everybody has to stay home longer and more often than ever. And it’s absolutely normal if you feel trapped in your own house. However, it doesn’t have to stay like that.

Whether you’re working from home, staying with your children, or experiencing lockdown in its worst form, you can make your life more comfortable. Of course, you can’t change it rapidly, but it’s the small changes that matter. The smallest features of interior design and home decor are important. So, if you want to make your house warm and cozy, here’re four tips on how you can do this with minimum effort:

1.   Take Care of the Lighting

During darker seasons, in the evenings and when the weather is unpleasant, it’s very easy to succumb to the bad mood. However, the right choice of lighting in the room can help you feel better. Hygge, the Danish practice of creating a soothing atmosphere, puts a great accent on choosing the appropriate lighting.

First of all, stock up on candles. Whether you prefer scented or normal ones, place them in every room and light them every possible time. If you have children, pets, or are just not sure about having an open fire in the house, there are electric options. Keep your lighting low with Edison bulbs, or look for the dimmable led bulbs to create an atmosphere of a candlelit evening.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all the ceiling lamps, no. However, add a few wall or floor lamps and try to use the spotlighting instead of the downlight whenever possible. This way, long evenings at home will surely become cozier.

2.   Eliminate Clutter

How many things do you have at home that are only filling up space? It’s crucial to have only the essential items at home – or at least items that make you smile. This way, not only won’t you have to deal with the mess, but also your house will become more spacious, presentable, and comfortable.

Get rid of all the unnecessary things. Clean out the desks, kitchen cabinets, storage compartments. You don’t have to do this all in one day; more like one day at a time. When cleaning, walk through the room and look at all the items, asking yourself: does this thing have a purpose in your house? Or does it make you happy? If not, it’s high time to give it away or throw it out. Trust us – it will be a great relief.

3.   Add Details

Right accessories are the best and easiest way to make your home cozier. Depending on the season and weather, you can make small changes to your house every day – like changing a pillowcase or taking a Christmas vase out of the cupboard. And don’t worry about this clutter – if something makes you happy, it should stay in your house.

Get yourself some cuddly throws and pillows, thick blankets for stormy weather, and colorful cushions for long winter evenings. Group three or five candle holders or vases to create a balanced picture or get a cozy rug. Choose simple items that will please the eye or put a picture full of vivid colors on the wall – whatever you like. Follow your gut and design the room the way you want it – just make sure it doesn’t look messy.

You can always look for accessories that’ll help you relieve stress, like massage chairs or weight blankets. Or, if you want something practical, you can find your next zero gravity recliner here: Relieving muscle tension is always a good idea, especially if you work from home.

4.   Think About Smells

Do you have memories from your holidays as a child – scents of an approaching Christmas or grandma’s pie? It’s extremely important to remember about incorporating pleasant smells in your daily life. The smell is the most powerful link to your emotions: it can boost your mood or help you deal with stress, insomnia, procrastination, or lack of productivity. And making your house smell cozy will make the lockdown more tolerable and your own room more comfortable.

There are many ways to get good smells into your house. Fresh flowers, scented candles, simmer pots, essential oils, linen sprays, baking, and cooking… And you can always use a fabric softener or a wardrobe sachet to make your clothes smell incredible. Choose the scent that works for you, make sure it’s in harmony with other smells, and enjoy.

Be Yourself

Whether you’re working from home, staying there all the time, or only coming there to sleep, your house should always feel comfortable. And even though it’s not always like that, it’s pretty easy to make your home cozier. Think about what makes you happy. What looks good for you? What smells make you excited? What will make you feel truly at home? Incorporate it into your interior design.

Remember: it’s your place. It should be a reflection of your soul. Improve your house, and make it feel like a home full of happy emotions and memories.


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