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4 Inspiring Tips for Terraces in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

If you ever get a chance to take a tour of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, you will notice a range of beautiful houses. And one of the beautiful features of these houses is their terraces. The suburban homeowners hire some of the best home renovators to give their terraces a striking and aesthetically appealing look.

It’s true that Australians tend to spend millions of dollars every year on the renovation of their terraces. As it turns out, there are two different purposes for getting a terrace renovated in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Firstly, homeowners consider renovating their terraces as an investment in their property so that the value of their houses increases in the real estate market. This gives them a huge profit when they sell their property. Secondly, homeowners renovate their terraces to make their home look like their dream home.

Whatever the reason behind renovating terraces might be, there are a couple of styling tips that can come in handy if you’re thinking of renovating your terrace. This article will share with you four inspiring tips that will make your terrace renovation more worthwhile.

1-   Spacious Terraces

The most striking thing about terraced houses is that they give a spacious and airy look. If you compromise that space, your terrace will look congested. And that’s not the kind of look you want for your home. Thus, if you’re planning to sacrifice your room sizes in order to add another room on the terrace, then please don’t. Try to use the available space sensibly.

2-   Light & Ventilation

Most of the times Australian homeowners rely completely on fancy fixtures and finishes to enhance the beauty of their terraces and add value to their home. But there’s something that is more important that these people tend to forget. And that’s the light and ventilation. When renovating your terrace, try to focus more on increasing light penetration and cross ventilation. These things are really important to make a terrace fully functional.

3-   Light Furnishings

Terraces are supposed to look spacious. That’s the whole idea. If you furnish your terrace heavily, you end up ruining the whole feel and look of your terrace. The tip here is to avoid visual clutter by keeping the furnishings and finishes bright and light. For more terrace styling tips, consult Advantage Property Styling today!

4-   Large Glass Openings

Large glass openings can make your terrace look wider and larger. By adding a retractable awning and lush foliage to your terrace, you can make it look modern and chic. The suburban homeowners also install timber-lined external wall to soften the boundary wall. It also provides an excellent backdrop for their outdoor kitchen.

It makes a major difference if you’re renovating your terrace for your personal use or to increase the value of your property before selling it. The purpose of renovating a terrace will determine the cost of renovation and a suitable architectural design. With the help of these four tips, your renovated terrace will increase the value of your property and will undoubtedly make your house look aesthetically pleasing.


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