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4 Signs that Show It’s Time to Upgrade Your Current Residence

Although we rarely notice them, the tell-tale signs for a home upgrade are quite clear. Perhaps the neighborhood is changing, and the place doesn’t feel quite at home.

Whatever the reason, these subtle signals often prove that you need an upsize from your current residence. Here are four of the most potent signs in that respect.

A Change of Need

Change comes in various ways, and most times, it calls for a shift in thinking and action as well. Maybe you initially moved into your current residence as a bachelor, but you now have a family. Your current house’s demands might be insufficient to accommodate everyone’s needs and as such an upgrade is essential.

If you didn’t own a pet during your initial move and now feel the need to adopt one, then a change of space is vital. You might want to consider moving into a house with features like glass barn doors that facilitate easy movement.

Regardless of the circumstance, your needs will always determine the kind of space you deserve.

The Market Looks Good

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of an upgrade but didn’t get a chance, an ideal situation may present itself. With the housing market in a state of constant shift, a once in a lifetime opportunity might come along.

For example, a homeowner may be in dire need of cash as they are willing to sell the house at a bargain. It is better to purchase the home but remain alert of red flags within the property in such circumstances.

Other indications that the market is favorable include:

Buyers’ Market being Dominant

The conditions during a buyers’ market favor the purchase of property in the real estate industry. Low mortgage rates, reduced property prices are some of the signals of a prevailing buyers’ market.

Tax Rates are Low

During times of economic recession, the government introduces stiff tax rates for every industry, including real estate, and as such, these periods are not the best time to upgrade.

Purchase Change

When you first moved, you probably only had basic furniture in your home. However, after settling in, your immediate purchases grew, and their sizes along with them making the house feel cramped.

Such a change in consumption often prompts an upgrade of straying residence for better comfort.

Increase in Income

At your workplace, you might be doing significantly well to deserve a raise. An increase in earnings often means higher disposable income that you can invest in a better house.

With more money, your tastes and preferences improve, including staying residence.


As humans, we have an insistent need to progress our lives. Homes remain essential, and as such, the desire for better living spaces is always there. However, every few people notice the signs showing it’s time to upgrade their current residence.

Begin taking note of changes in your needs, the market, purchase change and increase in income to know the best time to upgrade your house.


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