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4 Tips from a Canadian Lighting Company for Designers and Architects

Have you ever considered the importance of home lighting? Most homeowners take the incorporation of light fixtures for granted without understanding their vital role in interior design. The type, placement, and design of these fixtures are used to emphasize certain aspects of the room, assist residents in the completion of tasks, and contribute to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.

Consequently, every room in the house imposes different requirements when it comes to the choice of fixtures and fitting. Fortunately, the extensive selection of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and downlights is more than enough to complement one’s interior décor.

The following tips from a custom lighting company will help you lit your home adequately.

Start from the kitchen

In order for a kitchen to be entirely functional, it’s supposed to be perfectly lit. This is where homeowners spend plenty of time preparing tasty meals, eating, organizing dinner parties, engaging in family activities, or simply drinking a cup of coffee. Kitchen lighting should be functional enough for residents to perform all of the above-mentioned tasks. Therefore, homeowners are advised to opt for a mix of task and ambient lighting.

The former is essential for all of the work areas to be illuminated property, mainly focusing on the countertops, stove, sink, and kitchen island. As a result, overhead lights, in the form of pendants, are believed to be the right solution. There are numerous custom lighting companies, such as Karice, which specialize in designing and crafting unique light fixtures. Hiring such professionals to design fixtures of your preference will help you create a special atmosphere.

Moreover, recessed ceiling lights are another creative solution for creating a pleasant ambient. These fixtures are usually installed above shelves or in the center of the room. Regardless of their position, there should be at least a two-meter distance between them.

Look for coziness in the bedroom

While natural light is essential for waking up in the morning, restfulness is crucial when going to bed. Therefore, homeowners are recommended to opt for ambient lightings, such as table lamps, pendants, or sconces for a relaxing atmosphere. You should consider installing some recessed lights for accenting the unique features in the room, like the fireplace or a painting.

In addition, bookworms are advised to think about task lighting, which is incredibly useful when reading before going to bed. Make sure you install a few recessed floor lights in proximity to the doorway to switch on automatically when walking towards the door in the middle of the night.

Aim for aesthetics in the living room

The living room is of tremendous value for the largest part of homeowners, as residents spend most of their hours working, watching TV, relaxing, or having guests there. Consequently, they should choose a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to make the room both appealing and functional. Visit this URL to check out some helpful tips about choosing living room lighting.

Additionally, homeowners can install a chandelier to emphasize the central focus of the room, along with a couple of recessed lights placed in different corners. Make sure the lights you choose are dimmable in order to adjust them with various tasks.

Task lighting, in the form of lamps, is vital for residents who enjoy reading. Such lamps are best located behind sofas and armchairs. In contrast, accent lighting is recommended for homeowners that wish to emphasize the presence of art or a unique plant.

Don’t forget the bathroom

Many individuals skip the bathroom in their design plans, hence making a big mistake. This room has to be lit adequately in order for residents to groom themselves or enjoy a relaxing bath. It’s paramount to avoid installing a fixture above the mirror. Instead, make sure you place scones on each side of the mirror to minimize shadows.

Moreover, one is advised to use accent lighting by placing a fixture above the tub. A dimming option is vital to adjust the light to your mood when soaking in the bath. The following link,, explains the most common types of bathroom lights.

Bottom line

A well-lit home contributes not only to aesthetics but also to functionality!


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