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4 Trends Shaping Green Buildings You Need to Watch

By 2023, the US green building market is expected to reach over $103 million. As more people are realizing the detrimental effects humans have on the planet, the more they’re looking for ways to save it.

Considering that we spend so much time indoors, construction sustainability is something worth looking into. Not only can it help reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also persist through generations, which makes it worth the money spent on these projects.

If you want to be eco-friendly and green buildings have piqued your interest, then read on. We’ll show you 4 trends to watch!

1. Plants on the Roof

Many buildings have normal roofs that are uncovered, as well as uninsulated. But this isn’t very energy-efficient, as the heat generated inside is lost to the outside environment. And on summer days, it can get unbearably hot inside, which means turning up the AC more.

An easy way around this is putting plants on uninsulated roofs. Not only does this provide some beautiful greenery, but more importantly, it reduces the burden on HVAC systems. This lowers utility costs, as well as your carbon footprint.

2. Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass is specialized glass that reflects both heat and UV rays. These are being developed for green buildings to lower utility costs. In addition, 100% of the glass can be recycled!

What’s also great about using more glass for buildings is it’s light and has good thermal insulation. This makes it an attractive option for architects and construction companies.

3. Solar Panels

Reflecting the sun’s UV rays is all well and good, but why not harness them instead? With solar panels, you can!

Have some solar panels installed on your roof and you’ll be able to generate clean power. And in some cases, you might even be able to sell back energy to the grid if you produce more than you use.

4. Smart Systems

Smart buildings are what’s in nowadays. There are smart home systems and commercial equivalents that give you perfect control over everything inside.

For example, a smart thermostat can be set to certain temperatures at specific times. Through the power of machine learning, it can even learn when to turn the temps up or down.

To your hub, you can connect not just a thermostat, but also lights and your appliances. It can then give you an energy reading every day/week/month so you can figure out where else to cut down on.

If you’re interested in learning more, then check out these sustainability projects.

Green Buildings Are the Future

Green buildings bring a lot of benefits to the planet and they’re the way to the future. From adding plants on the roof to solar control glass and panels, there are plenty of ways to incorporate green building design into your property. So explore your options!

Want to do your part in fighting climate change? Then browse our blog page for more ideas.


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