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5 Advantages of Living in an Apartment Block

Suppose you are buying a starter home in order to get on the property ladder, or you are thinking of moving to the city. In that case, chances are you will end up buying or renting an apartment as they tend to be less expensive than detached homes and are in abundance in the city. Apartments blocks can be a great place to live and Here are 5 advantages of living in one.

Room With a View

Living in a high-rise apartment block can give you spectacular views across the city – especially if your apartment is close to the top of the building. In the right apartment, you may be able to see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park from the comfort of your living room couch or enjoy views of the Passaic River from new waterfront apartments in Downtown Newark, NJ.


It’s likely that you will be close to a host of amenities if you choose to live in an apartment block as builders usually construct these complexes near town or city centers and popular amenities to appeal to buyers.

In the middle of a vibrant city, you will have restaurants, cinemas, theaters, department stores, medical centers, and grocery stores on your doorstep. It is unlikely that you will need to buy a motor vehicle because the transport links will be top-notch.


Living in an apartment block can be safer than living in a detached home as burglars cannot climb through windows if you are several floors up, and the building security system is likely to be efficient. It will have alarms and surveillance cameras on every level. Having neighbors you can trust close at hand is an added bonus if you are feeling threatened.


Single people can benefit from living in an apartment block as you may find that you become familiar with the other building residents. If you throw a housewarming party when you move in and invite the neighbors, you will quickly build up social bonds with those around you.

Some apartment blocks have coffee shops, swimming pools, and gyms for the residents to use. Frequent use of these amenities will enable you to meet new friends.


Suppose you are disabled, elderly, extremely busy, or just plain uninterested in gardening or building maintenance. In that case, apartments make the perfect home because you have no responsibility for the upkeep of the exterior of your building and its gardens.

Usually, you will pay a monthly or annual fee that covers buildings insurance and maintenance of the building’s elevators, stairwells, common areas, and gardens. It will also go towards paying for the professional cleaning of carpets and windows, the wages of security guards and door attendants, and the electronic alarm security system.

It may be cheaper to live in an apartment than living in a detached or semi-detached home as the maintenance costs are less. Instead of you being the sole person responsible for roof repairs or window replacements, the financial burden is shared among every resident in the building.


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