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5 Best Gifts to Bring to a Housewarming Party

Buying a home is considered a significant moment in our life, and it’s quite a milestone! But let’s not forget the role of the home buyers’ friends and family. It’s a very similar feeling to the moment you find out your friends are engaged, and then shortly after, you are asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman.

Suddenly, the pressure is on you to pick the perfect gift and host a memorable gathering for this special milestone. So, what are some of the best gifts to bring to a housewarming party?

Consider the Homebuyer First

Nobody knows the homebuyer as you do, so take a step back and consider them first. For example, top-of-the-line pots and pans might not be the answer if they’ve never cooked a meal.

The same goes for if they hire a cleaner to come weekly, an expensive steam machine may not be the best gift.

The good news is, there’s a gift for everyone. Here are a few of the most common that are raved about after home buyers receive them.

The Big Comfy Blanket

There’s a feeling of comfort when you walk into a home with a blanket draped on the couch, rolled into a living room basket, or folded on a ladder. There’s also a higher chance they will make the bed when a blanket is placed neatly at the end – the room just comes together. There’s also a blanket available for all styles and budgets, making it a great go-to gift.

The Bartender Kit

If the homebuyer enjoys hosting parties or having a  drink after work, this might be the perfect gift for them. You should especially consider this option if they purchased a home with a bar or patio. These kits typically range anywhere from $20-100 depending on the material and number of pieces included. Bonus points if you include a bottle of liquor or a gift card to the local shop.

Food Processor – Blender Combo

Have a friend or family member that prefers healthy options, is known as the fit friend, or, you know, is trying to make healthy lifestyle changes?  A food processor-blender combo is a perfect gift; it takes up less counter space than having multiple appliances. They can make healthy meals with the food processor or a nutritious chocolate smoothie in the morning with hot cocoa protein powder.

Funny Candle or Cup

This isn’t a gift for everyone, but we all know the funny family member of a friend. If you lit up when you read this, then it’s likely you, and this is the gift for you to provide. It could be a candle on the back of the toilet or a coffee cup used to turn a frown upside down. There are always funny slogans on them or even scents that will bring laughter and joy into the house.

Coffee or Espresso Machine

Are they known as the “coffee snob” in the group, or does their spouse pick on them for how much they spend at the coffee shop? If so, this is always a great option. You can select from many styles – depending on how fancy, it might be a gift you split the cost among friends. If they are a simple coffee drinker, you could opt for a pour-over option or a simple drip machine.

What Gift Will You Select

There are many options for new homebuyers, with subscription boxes, coffee machines, cups, supplements, blankets, amazon prime subscriptions, candles, baskets, organization tools, and cleaning supplies.

It can seem a little overwhelming, so use this as a guide and choose something that you feel would be useful and enjoyed in the new home.

Gifts are great and will always be appreciated. Don’t let yourself stress out too much because showing up and celebrating this milestone with them is the best gift they could receive. It’s the memories created in a home that we will remember forever.


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