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5 of the Best Real Estate Broker Tools on the Market Today

If you’re a real estate broker, then you should try to embrace technology. Many tools have come out over the past few years that can help you in virtually all areas. If this new tech makes your job easier, then why not embrace it?

Here are five real estate broker tools that you should look into if you want to gain a competitive advantage and really take your business to the next level.


When you look at tools for real estate brokerages, you’re probably focused on convenience. That might apply to:

  • Your convenience
  • Your coworkers
  • Your clients

You should know about any new tech that can move things smoothly along. DocuSign is an excellent example of that. It’s a way for you to get electronic signatures.

As your client electronically signs each document, the cloud stores it automatically. This way, a client can sign a document from anywhere and at any time. They can sign on any device as well, like your phone, laptop, or tablet.

This means fewer enormous paperwork stacks. Whenever you can take your business online, you should always do so.


Slack is a collaboration and internal chat tool that your whole office can use. In the pandemic era, real estate transactions have to move forward, but your clients and coworkers might not always want to meet in-person.

With Slack, you can:

  • Create public channels if you want to include clients
  • Create private channels if you’re going to only allow coworker access

You can talk about rent control, property management, inspections, quarterly earnings, emerging neighborhoods, or anything else that’s attention-worthy.

Slack was once just a cloud-based chatroom. It’s so much more now, as you can integrate it with tons of other apps. For instance, you can access Twitter information on it or Google Drive documents.


Hootsuite is a way for you and your fellow real estate brokers to use social media to your full advantage. If you are not using social media these days, you’re not going to get nearly as many clients as your competitors who accept this communication and marketing method.

If someone is hunting for a new home, then once they start collaborating with you, you’ll want to inform them about new houses or apartments that come on the market which meet their qualifications.

You’ll want to do this quickly since that property might get snapped up within a matter of hours or days in a hot neighborhood. With Hootsuite, you can reach out to your clients via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Also, using Hootsuite for frequent social media activity will attract other potential clients. You can create targeted posts, and use the analytics tools to see what kind of content gets the most engagement.


Trello is a task management app that real estate brokers love. With it, you can organize your projects into highly-visual boards that are easy to set up and modify.

Once you set up a board for a house or apartment, you can create tasks associated with it. You’ll learn to drag and drop Trello cards depending on where in the sale process you are. If you’re further along in a particular property’s sale process, you can prioritize that board.

For each board, you can create checklists, upload attachments, assign due dates, or add comments or labels. If you’re someone who has trouble getting organized, this is the perfect system to help you combat that shortcoming.

Google Suite

Google Suite is like a cloud-based office for your real estate agency. It incorporates all the different Google-offered tools. That includes Google Sheets, Docs, Calendars, and Hangouts.

Here, you can use Hangouts for conferences. You can use Google Keep for checklists and notes. You can use Slides for your presentations.

If this is your initial attempt at using cloud software, you might be a bit intimidated, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly see how easy it makes things. It comes with enhanced security, access from anywhere, and greater flexibility and collaboration potential.

All of this might seem somewhat overwhelming for the real estate broker who’s not the most tech-savvy. If you watch the tutorials, though, that should help. There are also lots of YouTube videos that show you how to use the features that come with each of these tools.

After you learn how to use them effectively, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.


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