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5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Garage Door Repair Service

In the perfect world, your garage door or any other part of your house would never break down. In a great world, you would be able to seamlessly fix it up yourself. Unfortunately, as this year has proven time and time again, the world we live in is far from great, and even further from perfect.

If you want to avoid further damage and get your garage door working again, you’re probably going to need to enlist the help of a professional garage door repair company. This is another problem in and of itself, as a lot of these “handymen” firms are often composed of unprofessional individuals who might botch the job and charge you a fortune for it!

Regardless of whether it’s a problem with your garage door springs, the belt or chain drive, or anything else, you need to scour the Web for the right professionals and make sure that other homeowners are satisfied with their services before you call them over to your home.

Not sure what to look for in garage door repair companies? You’re not the only one! Check out this brief guide to find out how to assess and evaluate the quality of a garage door repair service before you invite them into your garage.

Online Presence

Nearly every business in the world, small, medium, or large, has a website that you can go to to see their products, services, and pricing. If they’re a little more tech-savvy than your average mom-and-pop shop, chances are they also have profiles on all of the relevant social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A poorly designed website isn’t a reason to disregard a garage door repair company as unworthy of your time and money, but the lack of any sort of online presence is. If you can’t find its address on Google and don’t have a way to compare their prices and services with other firms, you should probably stay away from hiring these “pros”. It may be a scam.

Get Recommendations From Friends

If your circle of acquaintances includes a couple of homeowners, it might be a good idea to ask them for advice regarding choosing a professional garage door repair company. Chances are they have been in need of one before, and can point you towards professionals that effectively helped them with their own garage door opener or other problems.

Another reason why you should choose a garage door repair service by going off of your friends’ recommendations is the fact that many businesses often implement referral discounts for people who hire them thanks to someone else’s recommendation. That way, you’ll be able to lower the cost of your door repairs without having to sacrifice the quality of the service.

Compare All Companies in Your Area

While it may sound like a chore this process doesn’t take longer than an hour in most instances. There shouldn’t be more than a dozen garage door repair firms near your house, and a thorough comparison of their services and pricing is the best way to seed out the worst companies out of your pool of choices.

The services on offer are particularly important to evaluate, as it may turn out that the company you want to call doesn’t do repairs on particular tracks or won’t install a new garage door if that’s what you’re after. A thorough comparison will also help you get to the company that will provide you with the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Reviews and References

Regardless of whether you need to fix your remote garage door opener system, straighten the tracks, or simply do some maintenance work on your door, checking out online reviews and references on sites like Yelp will reveal details that even the most thorough comparison of companies’ websites won’t be able to.  Online reviews are often incredibly honest and point people towards the most cost-effective, professional businesses and are immense in helping you stay away from shady scam artists. Reaching out to the top-rated pros in your area will ensure that your garage door problems will be solved without a hiccup. Just make sure to evaluate the cost of their service, as well, since the most professional, highly-rated work doesn’t come cheap!

Red Flags!

There are plenty of untrustworthy garage door “repair firms” that seem perfectly legitimate until you dig deeper and reveal some certain red flags that should stop you in your tracks. Things such as excessive advertising or poorly written copy might suggest that a business isn’t as professional as it may seem. You should also look out for firms with multiple names, as well as prices that seem too low to be true. More often than not, hiring companies that check more than one of these boxes results in your garage doors needing even more maintenance than before their “professional” intervention.

The Bottom Line

With the abundance of small businesses that you can find on the Internet, it may be incredibly difficult to hire the right group of handymen to take care of your garage door needs. This is why you need to check every single aspect of your potential hires if in order to be certain that they’ll actually fix your garage doors instead of making the problem worse. When it comes to home repair projects, you can never be too safe. After all, in these cases, the amount of time and money you spend will directly impact the quality of your life!


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