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5 Garage Upgrades To Increase Your Home Value

It’s common for homeowners to execute home improvement tasks and upgrades to increase comfort and ease for their families. But performing these tasks to improve your home value is also essential. Fortunately, many techniques and methods impact the increase in your home’s resale market worth. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your garage can contribute to a higher resale, it indeed does.

With the right garage upgrades, you can earn more bang for your buck when the time comes that you decide to resell your home. The key is to decide on the best investments for your garage project.

Get the maximum benefits of having a beautiful and functional garage that will serve many purposes for your family’s needs and increase your home value. Here are some garage upgrades worth executing:

  • Overhead Garage Door 

In addition to improving the value of the garage, garage door upgrades can also attract buyers because of their curb appeal. It’s wise to opt for a sturdy overhead garage door that lasts a long time and protects your garage from external elements and conditions—approach reputable contractors for your overhead garage door needs. OGD offers many services ranging from door installations, spring replacements, door repair, and garage door maintenance. Upgrade your garage door with the most durable one and properly maintain it to increase home value.

There are various kinds of overhead garage doors available. You can consider one that matches your home’s exterior design so it will look aesthetically beautiful. To achieve a modern look, consider using frosted glass garage doors.

  • Workspace 

An ample workspace for your garage is one thing that never goes out of style. Especially in a modern family, many homeowners appreciate having a garage that offers more use than just a car park. They want extra space to conduct workshops and perform some of their hobbies. Design a garage using some unique garage workshop ideas. You can repaint the walls, tweak the lights, and add some work tables and stools to make the extra space more comfortable for everyone. By adding these upgrades, you demonstrate enough space aside from a parked car.

  • Epoxy Flooring 

A garage floor upgrade is another popular way to add value to a home. One popular flooring option is to go for epoxy coatings. Epoxy flooring gives the floor that luxurious appeal without interfering with its functionality. Sealing and polishing concrete makes it easier to keep clean and maintain.

This garage improvement task is simple and doesn’t break the bank. Adding epoxy flooring to your home will prevent damage and moisture while also increasing its value. For a designer-inspired look, you can go for different colors or patterns or marbling to your epoxy flooring. A premier epoxy floor coating contractor will help get you exactly what you need.

While this task can be done by yourself, nothing beats the professional results of an expert in epoxy flooring. Professional installation and a commercial epoxy flooring product will ensure its durability. Also, this means that your home’s resale value will increase.

  • Functional Storage Solutions 

Your future home buyer would probably utilize their garage for storage purposes. This is why you need to factor in improving the storage solutions in this limited garage space. There are numerous effective ways to do so. Adding more storage solutions to your garage will help in boosting its value and worth.

While your current garage is equipped with some cabinets and shelving, you can consider organizing and maximizing spaces better by adding some racks and vertical shelves to make use of the blank space. Use some overhead garage storage ideas to maximize every inch of space available.

Some prospective buyers will be attracted to a garage with a neat storage cabinet for their tools, garden stuff, and seasonal things. These additions can land you a great deal for your home resale. Utilize your vertical space and be creative with your store design. Maximize all the spaces and install some hooks for hanging handyman tools and equipment. Check any available space and place some recycled bins for extra storage.

  • Insulation And Ventilation 

You can reduce your heating and cooling costs by insulating your garage. Having insulation and ventilation in this secluded space allows household members to spend more time in the garage. It improves comfort while spending time there.

This is a significant garage upgrade, mainly if your home is located in a four-season geographic area. You can protect your belongings and car from the weather by having an insulated garage. As well as soundproofing your home, insulation can also minimize external noise. Keeping your family’s health safe also depends on proper ventilation. While you’re at it, ensure you install some ventilation when you upgrade your garage.


One of your home’s most dynamic spaces is the garage. With the right renovations and tweaks, you can use it for your car park, workspace, or storage. Modify its functions by adding sturdy garage doors, installing ventilation and insulation, and coating the floors with epoxy. Besides improving its functionality, upgrading it will increase the marketability of your home when you sell.


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