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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home With Propane Heating

Are you about to buy a home with propane heating?

Propane is a clean and efficient heating method, which makes it a valuable addition to any home. But if you’ve never owned a home with propane before, make sure you know what you are buying in to.

Read on for some important questions you should ask before buying a home with propane heating.

What Else Is The Propane Used for?

Propane is most often used to run a home’s heating system, but that is not all it can do.

A versatile fuel, propane is also used to directly fuel cookers and outdoor barbecues. It can even power many electrical appliances, such as clothes driers and even generators.

When looking at a home with propane heating, it is important that you know exactly what it is used for. This will give you a better idea of how much propane you will be using.

Where is the Tank?

Tanks can either be above ground or buried underground. Overground tanks are easy to access, and underground tanks are hidden.

Maintenance is easier on overground tanks, but they take up a lot of valuable room. Underground tanks are out of the way, but many rental agencies won’t allow their tanks to be buried.

There are regulations dictating where a tank can be placed, so make sure you check these if you plan to move the tank. Always hire professionals experienced with propane tank installation for homes.  Be sure to target someone like 2 RED Ltd for the job.

Will I Own the Tank?

It may seem like a silly question, but not all homes with propane heating actually own the tank.

Many homes rent their tank from their fuel company. Renting means that you don’t need to worry about maintaining the tank. Repairs and replacement are covered by the rental company.

If you own the tank, then you don’t need to budget for ongoing rental costs, and can make changes to the tank and how it is used.

What is its Condition?

Like every part of a property, a propane tank needs to be well looked after.

Tanks should receive regular maintenance checks from qualified professionals. This will ensure that they stay safe. If these checks have been carried out then the owner should have maintenance reports.

If the current owner is unable to show you these reports, you should be wary. At the very least, have the tank inspected yourself.

How Much Does the Tank Hold?

There are many different tank sizes, suitable for all space and usage requirements.

Residential tanks range from 120-1000 gallons. The larger your tank, the more propane it can hold and the less frequently you will need refills. Knowing how big it is will help you budget.

If the property could have difficulties with deliveries, then a larger tank may be useful. This will ensure that you don’t lose your propane heating in the middle of winter.

Propane Heating Questions

As long as you ask these questions you can buy a property with propane heating in confidence. These questions will help you avoid any nasty surprises, and help you budget in your new home.

If you found this article useful, check out our blog. We have tips to help you get the best out of any home, whether you are there for the long term or looking to move.


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