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5 Reasons to Rent in San Diego

There is probably a top 5 for everything, but this is a list you do not want to miss…

  1. Beaches with Benefits

With around seventy miles of gorgeous coastlines and a different beach to suit every style and personality, the water activities here are almost as endless as the stunning sunsets. If you have never tried surfing or kayaking or really anything more than floating on your back, San Diego is the best place to knock the stagnation out of you, clear out your inner-city cobwebs, and get you feeling sportier than that one big-haired British-Pop chick from the nineties…

  1. Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Awesome

Not all cities are created equally. This is especially true for San Diego; they have one of the longest summer seasons in all of America which basically lasts from March to October every year. It really is no wonder more than thirty-five million tourists flock there for a visit annually. They did not earn the nickname “America’s Finest City” for no good reason, in fact – the weather is so lovely there so much of the time that you do not even really need a weather app to plan your day. If you are looking for apartments to rent in San Diego, I suggest you keep the tourist season in mind, so you actually stand a chance of finding something great before it gets snatched up by someone else. A complete opposite type of real estate would be apartments for rent in newark due to the extreme contrast in location and climate.

  1. Movin’ On Up!

San Diego is home to a wide variety of industry giants like Amazon and Apple, an even wider variety of awe-inspiring biotech start-ups as well as craft breweries aplenty. Yes, I did indeed say craft breweries, San Diego’s meteoric rise as a craft beer capital has led to over one hundred and fifty breweries opening their doors there. San Diegans are as warm as their summers are with a deep level of care when it comes to conservation and saving our giant rock of a planet. Talk to your selected real estate agent about the total list of projects in the city because water conservation and recycling programs are just two of the many initiatives this eco-friendly city is part of, this little city has a giant and environmentally friendly heart.

  1. Food, glorious food.

No beach scene would be complete without the food truck, and boy oh boy does San Diego know exactly how to bring the grub! With Mexico not far away, this city pays homage to one of the world’s best cuisines – and authentic Mexican cuisine too, not mass-produced blandness (yo, no way-o!) in a taco shell. Ask of the locals and they will be sure to point you in the right direction when it comes to sampling the best San Diego has to offer!

  1. No Better Place for Learning

Not only home to giants in terms of companies and corporations, but San Diego is also home to quite a few renowned and prestigious higher education faculties. Universities like the Cal State in San Diego have made it very clear that this place is more than just beaches and burritos. The extensive graduate and undergraduate programs offered here are even more appealing than the idea of studying further in your selected field in, quite possibly, the most beautiful setting imaginable.


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