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5 Red Flags That Can Be Raised By A Good Home Inspection

The last thing you want to hear when you’ve set your heart on a property is that there is an issue with it. You may be tempted to skip the home inspection and live in blissful ignorance.

The only problem with this is that, if there is an issue, you’ll find out the hard way and it won’t be cheap to fix. That’s the point of employing a reputable construction consultant to complete the home inspection for you. They’ll identify issues, allowing you to prepare yourself and your finances.

In the worst-case scenario you can walk away, it’s better than being trapped in a dream home that has become your worst nightmare.

There are 5 things that are likely to create a bad home inspection report:

  1. Electrics

Old electrics suggest you’ll have supply problems and increase the risk of fires. If these are identified by the home inspection then you’re likely to need a rewire. That’s not just expensive, it can also be invasive, especially if you want the wires run in the walls.

Of course, having modern electrics doesn’t guarantee there won’t be an issue, short circuits and other issues can still lead to expensive problems that need further investigation.

  1. Cracks

Cracks in exterior and interior walls suggest the house has moved. This is normal at first. However, cracks that are larger than a few millimeters suggest there are structural issues. You can often find signs of these cracks in the foundations.

If the house has moved or is still moving you may be looking at subsidence. That means underpinning to ensure your house remains upright. It’s another expensive and potentially fatal issue with your home.

  1. Roof Issues

You can usually tell by looking at your roof if it is nearing the end of its life. The roofline will start to sag as the beams rot. You’ll also find tiles are missing, very dirty, and faded.

While a visual inspection can be telling, if the roof is in the early stages f the end of its life it won’t be so noticeable. That’s why your home inspection will check it from inside and out.

  1. Drainage Issues

Blocked drains are a nuisance and usually caused by the wrong items being flushed down toilets. They can be a pain to unclog but it’s a relatively simple process. However, if the clog is the result of damaged sewer pipes you’ll need to dig up the ground around your home to replace them.

That’s a much bigger issue and one you should be aware of before you buy.

  1. Plumbing System

The final major part of your new home is the plumbing system. Pipes are often run behind or even in walls, making it difficult to see when they are corroded or leaking. A leak can cause expensive issues, including wet rot. It can also inflate your water bill.

But, that’s not all, leaks also cause moisture which allows mold to grow. Mold gives off spores which can be detrimental to your health.

It’s important to have a home inspection done before you buy, it will help you make the right decision and choose the correct purchasing price.


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