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5 Roofing Trends You can Expect To See in 2022

The roofing industry changed a lot since it first started. From new materials to catering to environmental issues, and from innovative manufacturing to advanced marketing techniques, Roofing trends progress to accommodate our ever-evolving needs, sensibilities, and tastes.

Whether you are in the market for either a new roof installation or a re-roofing project, you may want to check out these five biggest roofing trends in 2022.

Sustainable Roofing:

With the rise of sustainable roofing options, more and more people prefer to have this type of construction. These roofs not only look good, but they also last longer than traditional ones, which means being able to save money in maintenance costs over time if your building has them!

The sun is a powerful source of our energy, and now you can harness it with solar roof panels. These high-tech pieces from important sustainable components in someone’s home or business!

When installed perfectly, solar roof panels help save money on your monthly utility bills by using fewer fossil fuels for electricity production compared to traditional roofs.  They also reduce cooling needs during the summer months when temperatures soar outside, which means lower air conditioning expenses.  Enjoy cool hallways without running appliances all day long.

Architectural Roofing:

With a durable and attractive roof, your house will have the appearance of being well-maintained.

Bricks make excellent material for roofs.  It offers long-lasting protection against weathering elements such as rainwater that seeps through cracks in between tiles or vents that allow water to run down onto other parts below it.  These same properties also make bricks great at blocking solar radiation.

With more homeowners opting for a straight roofline, the use of flat roofs is no longer limited to commercial buildings.  Flat roofing is now affordable and provides an appealing look when coupled with solar panels or other energy-saving options such as glass tile installations!

Roofing Color Combinations:

In the past, roofs have a limited color palette, but these days the selection continuously expands as people get more interested in home design.  There was only one type of roofing for the past decade, but now every person wants something different for their house. Some might go with an all-white or black exterior, while others prefer something brighter like yellow!

With the metal roofing industry coming a long way in recent years, new color combinations get introduced into the market.  Homeowners can now enjoy an array of stunning looks that blend naturally with their surroundings while still drawing attention to themselves for all the right reasons!

Synthetic Roofs:

Synthetic roofing is recyclable and provides an environment-friendly alternative to materials. The durable polyurethane material remains intact during even the roughest winters, making it better for our planet!

Manufacturers can construct these shingles in different colors and shapes, allowing homeowners to create modern customized roofs.

Accent Roofs:

The accent of your roof is an essential part of its style. The colors you choose for the shingles should complement what’s already there, whether that other roofs or landscaping around them- so consider this when picking out paint options!

Choosing the Roofing Trend to Follow

With so many different roof options, make sure to know which one will work best for you. Researching more and scouting for green roofs before getting one for your next home project, for example, will help you reduce your energy.

According to Frisco Roofing contractors, even a single missing shingle leaves the rest of the shingles vulnerable therefore compromising your entire roof.

Learn from past projects not just those of your own but others, as well.  Take time when planning out your roofing.  Avoid creating unnecessary problems down the line due to poor maintenance practices by owners who have less time on their hands than ever before because they’re busy working full-time jobs just like everyone else!

The roofing industry is in a period of transformation, as consumers start to learn to choose and purchase products even from the international market.  Versatility and sustainability will continue to be key traits most homeowners look for when shopping around 一 but there’s been an increased focus on functionality too!

If you wish to closely follow the most recent trends, remember to consult with a well-updated roofing authority, such as the crew in Mighty Dog Roofing.  They not only will help you complete your home modeling project with precision, but they can also give you advice on maintenance and repair, too!


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