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5 Signs That Your Heating System Needs Repair

Imagine your heating system breaks down in the middle of a cold December night, which sounds like a nightmare.

This nightmare can become a reality if you ignore maintenance or repair for your heating system. But, how to determine that your heating requires maintenance?

It is something only your heating system can tell. Here are six signs that your heating system needs repair.

High energy bills

Is there a sudden spike in your energy bills?

It is a huge sign that you need to look for a professional HVAC repair in Frederick  MD. Higher energy costs determine that your heating is not running effectively and might have leakage and can not take the load anymore due to being old and inefficient.

Look at your last year’s energy bill for the same month and compare it to check if there’s a spike in the energy bill. It is one of many ways to determine if your heating system needs repair.

Funky or burning odor

If a burning or funky smell comes from your heating system after you turn it on, it could be a major sign that it needs repair. A burning smell is normal when turning on a heating system, as the dust burns off in the ducts. But, if the smell doesn’t go away and keeps lingering around, it could be a major issue with your heating system.

Also, the funky or burning odor is often a sign of broken electrical and mechanical parts. Try to determine what the smell is like. If it smells similar to rubber burning, it is most likely due to an electrical or mechanical fault.

Unusual noises

Is your heating system making odd noises throughout its run?

When you turn on a heating system, some noises are normal. But, when the noises become more unusual, like clanking, screeching, and banging. It is time for a professional repair. It determines whether a part is broken or has worn out with time.

These odd noises, if ignored, can turn into a bigger problem, even a sudden breakdown. If you hear unusual sounds, it is time to seek HVAC repair in Frederick, MD.

Inconsistent running cycle

This problem often persists in old and broken-down heating systems. It is a major sign of the need for repair. If you have a heating system that keeps on turning on and off or the compressor is constantly running, you need to call a professional HVAC repair service. The short running cycles indicate that the system is getting overheated.

Uneven heating

This one is quite obvious, as the sole purpose of a heating system is to provide heating throughout your home. If it is doing an inadequate job at it, you must call a professional for a check-up.

If there is uneven heating in your home, some spots are colder than others. Then it could be a sign that your heating system is old or broken down.

Age of your heating system

A heating system past its age, which has seen better days, will require more maintenance and constant repairs. Even if it is running fine, you need to get it checked to avoid any sudden breakdowns. But, if there are signs(mentioned above), it is time for you to replace the heating system with a new one. In both scenarios, you need to call a professional HVAC maintenance service who will take care of it.


Winters without a properly working heating system are something you would want to avoid at all costs. If your heating system shows any of the above signs, you need to call a professional HVAC repair service to avoid any sudden breakdown or huge replacement costs. Take a careful look at your heating system for a comfortable winter.


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