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5 Steps to Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Luxury real estate is a desired niche for many professionals in this industry. Many of those who are only planning on pursuing a career in real estate might also see themselves there. 

It is a lucrative opportunity, to say the least, and that’s why it is not very easy to get in. It requires experience, knowledge, and heavy work to get to the top. Yet, the result is worth it, without a doubt. Whether you have just decided to apply for a real estate trainee position or already have several years of experience being an agent, this guide will help you out. By partnering with Jooble experts, we’ve narrowed down crucial steps to break into this sphere. 


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5 Steps to Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Step 1. Become a Licensed Agent

First of all, one needs to become a real estate agent. The specific requirements depend on local regulations. But usually needs specific education, generally starting with a pre-licensing course. After that, you need to pass an exam to get a license.

As soon as you get the license, you can start practicing. Some might look for entry-level positions or work for agencies to gain experience. In any case, you need to work your way up.

Step 2. Become a Good Agent

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Before you start searching for luxury clients, you need real sales experience and knowledge of the industry. Working with top customers means being a top-level professional.

Do your groundwork, learn constantly, and consider joining a suitable real estate brokerage. At the same time, work on your personal brand and make a name for yourself by doing your job well.

Step 3. Learn to Solve Problems

An excellent way to win the client is to offer the solution for a particular problem they have. It is important to remember that luxury customers have specific concerns. To come prepared, educate yourself on how you can help them with it. The common issues for clients in the luxurious real estate sector are: 

  • Legal tax avoidance and all tax-related questions; 
  • Asset preservation, appraisal, privacy, and protection; 
  • Common property; 
  • Insurance issues; 
  • Prenuptial agreements; 
  • Legacy planning; 
  • Real estate investment planning; 
  • Land use and zoning; 
  • Banking and lending. 

It is complicated to be an expert at everything. So you can focus on one or two issues you can actually help clients with. This will be your value proposal when making deals.

Step 4. Network to Find Customers

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It is common knowledge that networking is the key to a lot of doors. This is especially true for the luxury segment of real estate. People tend to trust someone they already know or at least heard of. They also need to see that an agent shares a similar lifestyle and has experience with such properties. Here are some networking opportunities you can use: 

  • Go where the luxury buyers and sellers are, their common places of hanging out; 
  • Visit charity and fundraising events, art galleries, and expensive wine tasting events; 
  • Get a fancy hobby where you can organically meet people, like polo, golf, antique cars club, or skiing;
  • Communicate with other agents in this segment; 
  • Consider co-listing to get your name out there; 
  • Go for expired luxury property listings. 

Also, make sure that your online presence showcases the luxurious lifestyle as well. You do not have to be rich to take some fancy pictures at a restaurant or gallery. The point is to look like one of them. 

Step 5. Get a Luxury License

To highlight your professionalism, it is a smart idea to get a specific license to work with high-value listings.

There are two options out there: 

  • Luxury Homes Certification;
  • Accredited Luxury Home Specialist. 

And constantly work on your expertise. It is particularly crucial to have attention to detail and be able to correctly present luxurious listings. This includes knowing all the historical details or describing high-value surfaces in the home. Remember that you are not only selling a house but a lifestyle. 

For instance, if you work in a historic area, learn all about the architecture of the time. Use correct terms to describe the styles used. You’ll need to tell why this balustrade is so unique or whether this staircase needs to be preserved. 

In Summary 

The luxury real estate market is a dream sphere for many professionals. It is a demanding job that comes with experience, advanced skills, and a lot of networking. But if you are ready to put in the work, constantly learn, and build your own brand, it is time to start.


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