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5 Subtle Signs of a Roof Damaged by Hail

Did you experience a hail storm recently and are suspecting your roof has damage? If so, how can you tell it does?

A roof damaged by hail is prone to other issues, so it can be confusing to detect. Even so, there are a few things that indicate you should get repairs soon.

We’ve gathered five subtle signs you should look out for on your roof.

1. Cracked or Missing Materials

You don’t always get a clear view of your roof, so it can be hard to detect problems with shingles or tiles. Usually, you only find out about it once you see it yourself.

While most roofs can withstand hail, they could make an impact hard enough to shatter the roofing material. On calmer days, you will likely find scratches or chipping instead.

You can find roof repair here if the problem requires replacement as soon as possible.

2. Siding and Gutter Dents

Most experts don’t recommend climbing onto your roof after a hail storm, especially if you suspect damage. Instead of looking at it directly, you can look around it to see if there are signs of damage on other parts of your home.

One way to check is by looking around the property, such as the siding or gutters. If you find damage on them, it’s likely you also have a damaged roof.

In this case, consider calling a professional to check your roof. Think of it as a roofing check-up and repair in one session.

3. Granules Everywhere

Your roof has a layer of granules that act as its first line of defense against extreme conditions. If you aren’t sure about hail damage, you can check your gutters or downspouts for these granules.

The more it gets taken off, the easier it will be for hail to harm your roof’s condition. As a result, you can also expect it to get damaged more often.

4. Leaks and Water Stains

Although a leaky roof is common, it can lead to several other roof repairs due to how much breakage it causes. So, even if it looks like a simple issue, it’s best to check the source.

When it causes water stains, it’s a sign you’re experiencing major roof problems. Note that you should address this concern as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can damage the rest of your property.

5. Dark Spots

Black spots are another common type of roof problem, so most homeowners tend to overlook it. But usually, it implies you need to make serious roof repairs.

The dark spots you see on your roof is the black asphalt layer just under the outer layer. It means your roof is losing its protective features, making it weaker and more prone to hail damage.

Sometimes, it could also be algae on the roof, which affects your home’s appearance and leads to expanding bacteria problems. Regular roof maintenance is one way to prevent the spread.

Repair a Roof Damaged by Hail ASAP With These Signs

If you have a roof damaged by hail, you want to be sure you know the signs that point to yes. This way, you get to find the right solutions for each case. Moreover, it allows you to increase roof durability and property protection!

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