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5 Tips for Converting a Garage Into a Living Space Sanctuary

When most people think about a home garage, they picture a shelter for their car and a storage space for junk they don’t need or ever use. But if you’re a creative homeowner who wants to maximize living space, you just might picture a new living space sanctuary.

Whether you’re looking to sell your house for more, or you feel inspired to turn your garage into something you’ll love, the options are endless.

But where do you even start? How do go about converting a garage into a living space sanctuary?

Keep reading to find out!

1. Make the Garage Door Look All-Natural

You want your new living space to feel cozy and comfortable, right? Well, having an old, outdated, and ugly-looking garage door will have the opposite effect.

You’ll need to get a garage door repair and upgrade to make it look more natural and like it’s part of the room. For example, if you’re going for a rustic sanctuary, consider wood garage doors to add to the aesthetic you’re going for.

2. It Needs to Be Insulated

If your garage is already insulated, great! Move on to the next step. If it’s not, you’ll need to insulate it. Otherwise, your garage will be super hot or cold, depending on the weather, and your heater or A/C won’t work properly.

To insulate your garage, you’ll need to elevate the floor above the concrete. You can add a wood floor above which will allow for insulation. Then, you’ll need to insulate the walls and ceiling.

3. Add Heating and Cooling

Unless you somehow live in perfect weather year-round, you’ll absolutely need to add a heating and cooling system to your garage once it has been insulated.

You may be able to extend the main house system to your garage. If not, you’ll need to get the garage its own system. For example, you can get a space heater or a ductless mini-split system.

Remember, if you install a new HVAC system or if you choose to use the one already in your home, you’ll need to keep it well maintained, and ensure you fix your A/C should anything go wrong – in this way, you can stay comfortable all year round.

4. Install Windows

If you really want to make your garage come to life, adding windows is a must. Otherwise, you’ll feel closed off as if you’re living in a cave.

Adding windows will bring in sunlight and brighten up the space. They’ll also make the space feel a lot bigger and you won’t feel as confined.

5. Make the Garage Look Like an Extension of the House

Right now, your garage is probably made of concrete floors and grey or white walls. It doesn’t match the style of your home at all. If you want your garage to feel like home, then make it look like home.

Paint the walls the same color as your living room. Pick furniture that matches the style of the rest of the house. By doing this, you won’t feel like you’re walking into a garage anymore, it’ll feel like another room in your house.

Converting a Garage into a Space You’ll Love

Your garage doesn’t need to be a storage unit for old tools and forgotten junk. By converting a garage into a living sanctuary, you maximize the space in your home and create a room that is actually useful.

Need some tips on decorating your new space? Check out our blog on how to decorate using mid-century modern design!


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