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5 Tips to Hire the Best Foundation Contractors for Your Repair Project

Not all foundation contractors are alike! Since foundation repair is often a costly investment, it’s vital you find a skilled, reliable contract for needed fixes. Specifically, you want a contractor who is worth that cost and who ensures quality repairs.

How do you find a reputable foundation repair company you can trust? Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer. However, you might note 5 tips for hiring the best foundation contractor near you.

These simple tips ensure you’ll find the best professional for the job. They can also alert you to inexperienced contractors you might avoid! It’s also helpful to note common indicators of foundation damage along a property. You can then discuss these issues with a foundation repair contractor as needed. Our foundation contractors Indianapolis are ready to help you out!

1. The Best Foundation Contractors Start With a Full Property Inspection

A reputable, reliable foundation repair contractor starts every project with a full foundation inspection. Additionally, he or she should inspect your entire house or commercial building! One reason to inspect a structure is that cracks and uneven surfaces indicate areas of foundation damage. Two, a full inspection alerts a contractor to the extent of damage and if the property needs leveling.

Be wary of contractors who offer exact quotes over the phone, or of someone performing just a cursory inspection. A skilled contractor takes their time in checking over the foundation before quoting a repair price. To that end, they will know all repairs needed and can offer an exact quote for needed fixes.

Note, too, that many contractors offer free inspections. Offering a no-cost inspection often indicates a successful contractor, with the staff needed to offer inspections on demand.

2. Never Choose Any Contractor By Price Alone

Property owners should never choose any contractor by price alone! While you don’t want to overpay for needed repairs, an extremely low quote might be a red flag. One reason to suspect a contractor who underbids is that they might not have equipment needed for difficult repairs. Two, new or inexperienced contractors might underbid their competition just to “drum up” business!

Additionally, you don’t want to assume that a higher quote is automatically a scam or somehow dishonest. For example, if you’ve neglected needed foundation repair for years, your structure probably needs leveling. This service ensures it stays level and even, while closing up severe cracks.

Remember that foundation repair is an investment in your property. Also, high-quality repairs should last for decades if not indefinitely. In turn, it’s vital that you pay for reliable, durable work that lasts!

3. How Long Has the Contractor Been in Business?

No two properties are alike, and no two foundation repair jobs are the same either. To that end, a property owner should always hire a contractor with years of experience. How are these two factors related?

One consideration is that contractors need years of experience to work on various foundation designs and materials. Two, the more years in business, the more likely they’ve repaired damage similar to work needed along your property’s foundation! With that in mind, choose a contractor with at least a decade of experience under their belt, if not more.

Also, never hesitate to ask a contractor how many foundations like yours they’ve repaired over the years. If they hesitate, this might be a red flag! A reputable contractor should know your foundation structure thoroughly, to ensure expert repairs.

4. Have You Checked Their Reviews?

When hiring a foundation contractor, don’t underestimate the importance of reviews from past clients! While you might dismiss a random critical review, never ignore a pattern of negative comments. On the other hand, many positive reviews can tell you that you’ve found a reliable contractor. Lots of satisfied clients often indicate a reliable contractor offering expert work.

Note, too, that you should check several review sources and not just a contractor’s website. Along with Google, check HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List (or Angi),, and Houzz. These sites all allow you to review contractors and check past client comments as well.

5. Find a Helpful, Friendly Foundation Repair Contractor!

Property owners might find scheduling foundation repair a bit confusing, if not downright overwhelming. In turn, it’s vital you find a friendly foundation repair contractor. He or she should answer your questions, explain repairs needed, and ensure you understand their guarantee. They should also respect your property during inspections.

Additionally, a reputable repair contractor never rushes their clients into signing anything or starting repairs. While it’s vital that you don’t put off needed fixes, a property owner should feel comfortable before a contractor moves forward. Also, you might need time to fit those needed fixes in your budget!

When Is It Time to Call a Foundation Repair Contractor Near You?

Now that you know how to find the best foundation repair contractor, note when it’s time to make that call! Property owners often overlook needed repairs simply because they don’t recognize signs of damage. To that end, call a contractor if you notice any of these issues around your property:

  • Cracks along foundation surfaces larger than 1/8”.
  • Stairstep cracks along exterior brick walls.
  • Cracks along interior walls and ceilings.
  • Sagging ceiling sections.
  • Cracked or damaged baseboards and crown molding.
  • Uneven surfaces, such as wall shelving or flooring.
  • Buckled floorboards or floor tiles moving out of position.
  • A soft, spongy feeling under foot, or creaking floorboards.
  • Doors and windows that suddenly stick.
  • Doors, including interior doors, that swing open on their own.
  • Trapped moisture along interior surfaces.
  • Bowing basement walls.
  • Cracked roofing surfaces.
  • Persistent plumbing leaks behind walls and under floorboards.
  • Mold growth and structural wood rot.

Also, schedule an inspection for any property more than a decade old, as foundation materials degrade with age. A foundation contractor can inspect the foundation and any of these issues as needed. In turn, he or she can decide needed repairs. You can then rest assured that your structure is in excellent condition with a strong foundation under it!


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