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5 Tips for Moving from New York to Florida

Do you long to leave the long, icy winters of New York behind for the sparkling, pristine beaches of Florida? Are you tired of exorbitant costs and sky-high rent prices? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans have been in your shoes. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 63,722 people moved from the Empire State to the Sunshine State in 2017. In recent years, this number has only grown larger. It is clear to see why: Florida offers cheap expenses, no state income tax, and balmy, warm weather. For many New Yorkers, this is paradise.

If you’re reading this, relocating to Florida must interest you. We’d like to congratulate you on making this life-changing decision. But before you pack your bags and hit the road, be aware that such a move requires careful planning and thought. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled five essential tips for New Yorkers that want to move to Florida.

Tip #1: Get a car

In New York, public transportation provides an easy and cheap way to get around. This is not the case in Florida. Yes, there will be public transportation in cities like Miami and Orlando, but the rest of Florida is another story. If you want to be able to move freely, owning a car is essential. Depending on where you choose to live, you may have to drive your car to work or school.

If you’d like to explore all that the Sunshine State has to offer, most often, you’ll need to drive there yourself. Florida is definitely a driving state so buying a car is worth the investment! Don’t forget to factor car fuel, insurance, and maintenance into your budget.

If you already have a car, make sure to transfer your title, license, and registration to the Florida DMV. You will have 30 days to do so after establishing residency in Florida.

Tip #2: Move at the right time

The time of your move is also important. People from the north flock to Florida in the winter to escape the cold in their native states. The locals are “snowbirds” for obvious reasons. To avoid the crowds and traffic, we don’t recommend moving in the winter. Summer is also not a good option as it is peak moving season. If you are using a professional moving company, costs can be as high as $8000. Also, you’re more likely to encounter delays on the road because of hurricane season. So, the best time to move would be during the spring or fall. Not only will the weather be nicer and cooler but you’ll also save a lot of money!

Tip #3: Know the weather of the place you’re moving

Make sure you do your research on where you’re moving in Florida. While it is mostly a warm state, there are still differences in the climate depending on where you go. In northern coastal cities like Tallahassee and Jacksonville, temperatures can drop to the low 30s and it can even snow in the winter! Mainland cities like Orlando are more consistent and warmer. As you move closer to the southern tip of Florida, the weather gets hotter with more rainfall in the summer. Southern coastal cities like Tampa and Miami can easily get to the low 90s in the summertime. As you can see, the weather varies depending on your location–so make sure you know what to expect! Nobody wants to move to a place where they hate the weather.

Tip #4: Leave behind your winter clothing

When you’re making a big move, there is always the urge to pack everything you have, even if you might not need it. Resist this urge to bring unnecessary stuff that will take up space and drive up costs. This is especially true of winter clothing–leave that behind! Florida is warm enough that a lot of your New York winter wardrobe will be useless. If you don’t have enough warm weather clothing, make sure to buy some before you leave for Florida. You don’t want to have to stress about buying clothes in the sweltering heat.

Tip #5: Find a reliable moving company

Unless you have planned everything down to the smallest details, chances are that moving on your own will be stressful and a bit messy. Even if you have a great plan in place, things still might go awry! There are many logistics to take care of when you’re moving so far.

That’s why it is recommended to choose a reputable long-distance moving company, such as Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, which has received federal and state moving accreditation and which offers guaranteed flat-rate pricing.

If you are set on moving on your own, give yourself plenty of time. Start packing at least 8 weeks before the moving date. Take pictures of your belongings and label the boxes to keep the process as organized as possible.

And that’s it! Moving to Florida from New York is a big decision that involves a lot of careful preparation. If you follow these five tips, you’ll be all set to begin your journey to the Sunshine State!

Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash


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