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5 Tips You Need To Know For Installing Decorative House Shutters

Shutters can completely alter your home’s look and add significant curb appeal in only several hours. Additionally, you can switch them for a new shape in size, shape, or color when your tastes change. The most appealing part? Installing is easy. Plastic shutters come with cheap fasteners that are able to be plugged into your home.

If you enjoy doing some sort of DIY project, there are a few things you should be aware of. Now, we want to provide 5 tips you need to know for installing decorative house shutters.

Let’s check them.

1. Remove Old Shutters Carefully

If the shutters on your old house were fitted with fasteners, do not attempt to remove or pull the shutters off. Doing anything forcefully or pulling the shutters off can cause significant damage to your home.

Instead, move a pair of snips and cut the fastener away by the shank. If there’s not enough space to place shears between the shutter and the wall, a hacksaw is also a viable option. Any remaining piece of fastener could be removed into the other fastener to break it down and then pull out the remaining pieces.

2. Make Measurements

As you can imagine, having the correct size is essential. In some instances, creating an extra space will not help. To avoid all these issues, be sure to consider the dimensions of shutters, and select the one that is appropriate for your space.

Before making purchases, you should take the proper measurements of the house. Fortunately, this isn’t an exercise that takes all of your time.

3. Position and level your shutters perfectly

Before starting the installation, put the shutter in front of the house. If you’re installing vinyl or composite shutters, be sure to leave a gap of 1/4 inch between your house and shutter in order to allow an expansion or contraction in the shutter as temperatures fluctuate throughout the year.

4. Two-Person Job

If you’re DIY-focused, you should be aware that installing decorative house shutters is for two individuals. You’ll need someone else to help you hold the shutters while you are taking them down. Also, replacing them on your own is a nightmare.

This is why it’s a good idea to seek out someone close to you to assist you in the process. Even if you are able to finish the task by yourself, it will take more than twice the time.

Although installing shutters on your house may seem to be an easy job, it’s recommended to have a second person. You can take help from the plantation shutters Charlotte NC to get most out of it.

5. Fasten Your Shutters

Set the shutter in the preferred position for installation and align the two pilot holes. If installing shutters exceeds 55″ first, you must install the center screws first.

Don’t over-tighten screws because it can result in the shutter becoming damaged or appearing distorted in the walls.

Last but not least, use the supplied screw caps for a smooth and polished appearance.

Final verdict

I hope you’ll be able to apply those useful tips and be aware of what tips you need to know for installing decorative house shutters. In every installation, you should take care to prepare the exterior of your home, and it is highly advised that contractors follow all safety guidelines before beginning any project of this kind.

Do you know any other tips to install decorative house shutters?


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