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5 Ways to Identify the Right Commercial Contractor

Whether you’re housing tenants, accommodating travelers, or facilitating businesses, your success depends on the services of a commercial contractor. Choose the wrong company and you can face all sorts of problems. From unfinished jobs to financial setbacks to lawsuits and beyond, many entrepreneurs learned this the hard way.

But if you need something renovated, expanded or replaced, a commercial contractor is likely your only option. The right company will carry out a professional job in a timely manner, while also possessing the necessary accreditation to ensure you remain compliant with regulations. Here are 5 ways to identify a commercial contractor you can trust.


What previous clients say about a contractor on review websites such as Google, Yelp and Home Advisor are a good indication of their service. Keep an open mind when analyzing the reviews. One negative rating could simply be due to bias or unrealistic expectations. But if the same issues keep showing up, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Work Guarantees

A contractor will only provide a work guarantee if they’re willing to stand behind their service. There’s virtually no limit to what can be promised. For example, the contractor may pledge to repair any problems that arise within a certain time period. Perhaps they’re willing to issue a refund for unsatisfactory work.

The nature of the guarantee is just as important as the guarantee itself, giving you a better idea of what kind of quality control standards are upheld.

Licensing and Insurance

Every contractor should have the licenses and insurance papers required by their state. In their absence, you run the risk of facing financial and legal issues if there’s a dispute. Licenses ensure that they adhere to state standards, while insurance protects the contractor and their workers. You might want to check if they also have a surety bond.


Without proper communication skills, your contractor can leave you with unanswered questions and unsolved problems. You can quickly get an idea of their approach to communication by taking a look at the contact page on their website. Lighting Maintenance has a good example of what a contact page should include.

Their form captures a number of key details in one message, thus reducing the need for back-and-forth communication. The company also provides an office number and toll-free alternative for each of their locations. You can also email them or send a message on social media. Keep an eye out for these elements when browsing a contact page.


A contractor’s ability to provide a setlist of prices upfront speaks for their honesty and preparedness. If they can give you a detailed estimate of all the costs related to the project, you’ll be in a better position to determine the scope and possibility of additional charges.

There are some other ways to determine whether a contractor is worth your time and money. Considering the thoroughness of their project descriptions, browsing through their portfolio and finding out whether they specialize in a specific service can help you make a more informed decision.

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