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6 Common Errors with Renting Apartments and How to Avoid Them

As many as 35 percent of American households live in rental properties and the percentage is only growing. If you are like these many Americans and are exploring your options for apartments to rent, then this article is for you. Provided whether you’re a first-time renter or have rented in the past, there are always mistakes that you can make that can sour your experience.

So, here are six errors with renting apartments to avoid as a renter.

1. Not Touring the Apartment in Person

Apartment photos can be deceiving, which can leave to disappointment if you don’t look at the apartment in person before signing a lease. You can avoid being let down by asking for an apartment tour.

For example, if you’re searching for an apartment to rent in North Dallas, Texas, then visit to set up your tour. Any apartment rental company will be happy to have you review the property before you move in.

2. Not Learning About the Neighborhood

Finding an apartment for rent that meets your needs is hard enough, but you also need to make sure that the neighborhood is a good fit for you. Check details such as the local crime rate and how walkable the area is. Likewise, you want to visit during different times of the day so you can see how you like the area.

3. Not Reading the Apartment Lease Agreement

By reading your apartment lease agreement closely, you can avoid any unexpected charges for amenities like parking and utilities. If you are unsure what utilities your lease includes or are unsure of any other details, then talk to your landlord.

4. Not Buying Renter’s Insurance

Although your landlord will have insurance on the property, that insurance won’t cover your valuables. Instead, you need to buy renter’s insurance. By having renter’s insurance, you can protect your valuables from potential disasters like flooding or theft.

5. Not Talking to Your Landlord About Maintenance Issues

By choosing to rent, you make it your responsibility to report any maintenance issues affecting your apartment. Talk to your landlord as soon as any issues arise, as even small maintenance problems can lead to more expensive damages if ignored. Generally, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to repair any maintenance issues that come up.

6. Not Keeping up with Monthly Rent Payments

Your landlord will act as a reference for any apartments or houses that you rent in the future Because of this, you don’t want a bad track record of missing rent payments following you around.

You can avoid missing monthly rent payments by setting reminds for yourself in a calendar or somewhere similar.

Avoid These Errors With Renting Apartments

No matter how seasoned you are as a renter, there are always mistakes to be made when renting an apartment. But now that you’re aware of these six errors with renting apartments, you can avoid unexpected problems so that you can enjoy your apartment in peace.

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