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6 Design Ideas To Add Life To Your Waterfront Home


Making the most of your waterfront property is as simple as making a few small changes. Upgrading the decor in a few areas can turn your home from basic to beautiful. Whether you’re looking at staging homes for sale or you just want to upgrade your existing beach house, here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Use the views

Living next to a lake or beach has so many benefits but one of the biggest is the incredible views. For anyone who’s been living in the city, being able to have a constant view of nature is a major luxury.

Make sure to open up your blinds and windows to show off the beauty outside. If you’re choosing to paint before you’re selling, choose bright colors for rooms that get the most sun. It’s also a good idea to do some landscaping to make sure the views aren’t obscured by any overgrown trees. The view is the main selling point so you want to highlight it in every room if you can.

  • Bring the beauty inside

Repurposing a few design elements from outdoors gives anyone walking through a reminder of the beauty that’s always waiting for them outside.

For beach homes, try using some driftwood casually placed on a mantle or sided table for a nice touch of the beach. Seashells and sand are another popular decor idea but make sure to use them in small doses or small details like a simple black and white beach photo in an empty hallway or scallop shell drawer handle for your bathroom.

Use the colors that are found outside your window to add another touch of the water. Neutral tones are always a great idea but sand, seafoam green, and light blues are also the perfect color to add some luxury to the space.

  • Don’t Go Overboard

We’ve already mentioned not to go too far with the nautical theme for your home if you plan on selling. Avoid bright red, navy blue, and anything that looks like it was once used on an actual boat when you start to stage your home to sell.

If you already have the items around and you don’t know where to put them then at the very least keep them all situated tastefully in one room. You want the home to look and feel like a house beside the water, not like a houseboat.

  • Keep it Light

Waterfront homes are perfect for anyone who loves the freedom and peace you get from living near a body of water. Ditch the heavy drapes, the bulky couches, and any bulky rugs the home has and switch everything out for a lighter option. Multiple see-through drapes, wicker furniture, and woven bamboo rugs are all great alternatives.

You should also be mindful of the wall space and how much of it is being used. Keeping the walls open while putting photographs or art gathered on one shelf gives the room a lighter feeling while still letting you add that personal touch.

  • Make some Adjustments

One of the most used areas in waterfront homes that are often overlooked when you buy is the mudroom. With the water outside you’ll have guests and family members going in and out all the time so prepare an area just for that. Use a closet near the most used door and place some shelving inside to store towels, sunscreen, and whatever else you’d need for a trip out to the water. Add a hanging laundry basket on the inside of the door to keep everything organized and keep piles of wet clothes and towels off of your floors.

  • Take it Outside

Don’t forget to keep the outside feeling updated and welcoming so people can spend their evenings outdoors. Adding lights and seating that are weather-friendly will make the house feel like it’s extended outdoors.

If you have the space and it’s ok with your city’s bylaws then look into installing a fire pit. Everyone loves to spend time gathered around the fire when the sun goes down and it adds a focal point to any yard that looks disjointed or empty.

There are so many ways to spruce up a waterfront property and the most important thing is to keep it as simple as possible. It’s hard to compete with the amazing views of the water so keeping the interior open, spacious and light will give you the biggest visual impact.


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