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6 Huge Reasons Why You Should Hire a Paving Contractor

Did you know that in the U.S. alone, the total length of all paved roads combined is a whopping 2.6 million miles? That’s almost 105 times the Equatorial circumference of the earth, which is only 24,901 miles!

That’s a lot of pavement, almost 95% of which use asphalt as the top-most surface. After all, asphalt is very hard, strong, and durable. It’s also quite flexible that it can accommodate flaws in the underlying layers of the ground.

This doesn’t mean that they’re easy to mix and lay down on your own though. It’s always best to hire a paving contractor if you need to install a pavement.

Granted, hiring paving professionals will make your project costs go up. But the following reasons should be enough to make you realize how worthy the extra cost is.

1. Prevent Construction Hazards

In 2017, the private industry reported a shocking total of 4,674 worker fatalities. What’s more, over 20% of those fatal accidents were in the construction sector alone!

Falls and getting struck by an object are the top reasons for these accidents. Many also resulted from getting electrocuted or caught in or between machines.

Either way, all these points to the many hazards that construction workers deal with at work. These are already professionals, so imagine what can happen to someone inexperienced.

That said, your own safety is the main reason you should hire paving professionals. They have the skills, training, and experience to keep paving accidents at bay.

2. High-Quality Results Delivered

When hiring a paving constructor, you are much more likely to see high-quality results. These include a pavement that has a stable foundation and proper drainage. They’ll also build professional paving that sits on top of a solid subgrade and stronger base.

Not familiar with the terms “solid subgrade” and “aggregate base”? Then that’s all the more reason you’d want to work with professionals instead.

3. Timely Completion of Project

Timely project completion is another of the top benefits of professional paving. Think about it. If you were to rent or buy your own paving equipment, you need to first learn how to operate them.

Understanding the correct use of paving machines alone can already take up a lot of your time. Whereas professionals already know how to operate these machines in a safe manner. Meaning, they can get to building your pavement project right away — and finish it faster than if you do it on your own.

4. Reduced Liability

So long as you work with a reputable paving contractor, then you don’t have to worry about liabilities. That’s because licensed paving contractors are fully insured and bonded. They also ensure all their workers carry worker’s compensation.

All these give you peace of mind knowing that in case of an accident, you won’t be responsible.

5. Implementation of Only the Best Paving Practices

Experienced contractors use the best practices to build and install solid, stable pavement. They know that high-quality materials are key to a high-quality surface. They also ensure that the bottom-most layer of the ground is properly compacted.

6. Backed by a Warranty

The most reputable paving professionals are always confident of their top-notch work. But they also know that the characteristics of high-quality pavement aren’t always visible. That’s why they back up their work with extensive warranties.

Hire a Paving Contractor for the Best Project Results

There you have it, six of the top reasons to hire a paving contractor instead of laying out your own pavement. Remember, it’s your own safety on the line.

Plus, highly-experienced paving professionals will get the work done for you much faster. That means you can enjoy your super strong and stable pavement ASAP!

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