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6 Major Repairs to Make Before Selling Your House

Selling your house can be stressful, and the frustration only increases when you do not get a good offer. There are many ways you can increase the value of your house to attract more buyers. One method is to make general repairs around your home. Buyers are more likely to purchase places that require minimum work and are ready to move in.

Most home sellers waste money on costly updates that do not contribute much to the value of your house. To ensure your investment is best used, you can get an inspection done to see where repairs are most needed, or you can refer to this list of common areas that can raise the price of your property.

  • Plumbing and Drainage Issues

Functional plumbing is a basic necessity of every house. Before putting your home on the market, you should check that all your pipes are intact and there are no clogs. Water damage from leaky pipes can lead to mold and rot, weakening your house’s foundation through cracks. On the other hand, clogging can lead to slow water pressure and bad odor spreading around the house. Plumbing issues can also include dripping faucets and running toilets. The total cost and time for fixing such matters depend on the problem’s scale. You may only replace a damaged pipe, or you might need to restore an entire moldy wall. No matter the case, prioritize these repairs, so your house’s value doesn’t fall. 

  • Old Electrical Circuits

You may have been accustomed to living in your home for so long that you no longer notice the old wiring. Old wiring is a huge safety hazard, responsible for around 51,000 fires yearly. The older your electrical circuits, the more likely they are to corrode and catch fire. Additionally, old wiring is not as efficient and generates higher electricity bills. Aged electrical circuits can also be hard to fix because their parts are less available. 

You should consider hiring an electrician to fully access the conditions of your wiring and take prompt action in rewiring your house as the situation demands. Homes with a well-maintained and updated electrical infrastructure will naturally gain more attraction in the market.

  • Inspect the Roof 

Your roof makes a large part of the foundation of your house. You should hire a contractor to assess your roof’s condition and decide whether there are any repairs you need to make. Leaks are a common nuisance that can even compromise the structural damage of your home. In older homes, the roof’s decking wears down over time. Your contractor can advise you on the roof areas facing damage, and you should take active steps to repair the decking. Buyers want to purchase a home with minimum repair costs. By spending time inspecting and fixing the roof, you will be able to attract new buyers. 

  • Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint can make your house look newer and better. You drive potential buyers away from your property by not trying to paint the exterior and interiors. The paint colors you apply to your walls should not be based on your personal preferences either. Instead, go for colors that most people generally like. For example, using a color like white when you stage the house gives the illusion that your area is more spacious. As a result, buyers who come to view the house will have a more positive approach and be more likely to make a reasonable offer. 

  • Modern Safety Features

Safety features are among the first things appraisers look at before deciding the value of a house. Many states even regulate the presence of a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home. Before installing these features, consult an expert so the installation is correct. Other safety features you can add to your house are burglar alarms, heat detectors, and a sprinkler system. These systems will help buyers perceive your home as safe in a possibly foreign neighborhood, encouraging them to consider your house seriously. 

  • Heating and Air Conditioning 

Your house will be more acknowledged if you have a fully functional HVAC system. Though buyers will prefer a new one, it will be much more economical for you to hire a skilled technician and repair your old unit. The repair and service cost will be negligible compared to purchasing a new model, and the marketing value will rise. 


When it comes to repairs before selling your home, most people can immediately focus on areas that the buyer will notice. Like new floors or an updated kitchen, those add value to your house. However, it is vital to understand that a reasonable buyer will focus more on the structural importance and availability of necessities. Before making any repairs, consult your real estate and lay down a budget for making improvements. This will help keep you on track with repairs and contribute most to a profitable sale. Some real estate agencies provide a contractor to identify the places that need the most repair. If you’re based in Utah, list your house on trustworthy websites like Utah real estate to make sure your house reaches the maximum number of clients.


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