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6 Signs Your Property Needs Termite Treatment

Wondering if your home or business might be in need of termite treatment? You may be unsure of what to look for in the world of termites, but we can help. Below, we’ve listed out six telltale signs that termites just might be part of the equation. If any of these apply to your home, call a professional, and get your home looked at as soon as possible.

Read on for insight about what it looks like if you have a termite infestation in your home or business.

1. Rotting Wood?

Wondering if the wood in your home is rotting? If you spy the wood in your house looking weird, it may not actually be signs of rotting — what you’re seeing may actually be signs of a termite takeover. Of course, you may have issues with rot, but there’s also a chance termites could be to blame.

Moreover, if the wood appears to be hollowed out, that’s a sure sign that something’s going on. However, structures that are infested with termites may not display any damage to the exterior of the home. Usually, termites are located under the surface that you see. To test this, you can knock on the wood. If it sounds hollow, you may have a termite problem.

2. Mud Tunnels

Some species of termites build mud tunnels along the walls of a home. These tunnels can be inside or outside. They serve to protect the termites as they travel around, searching for food or heading back to their nests. Termites want to stay out of view so they can keep up with their wood munching work.

However, if you see these, they’re a clear sign that you need to get a termite treatment right away. You want to prevent the termite colony from spreading any further or compromising your structure any more than they already have.

3. Dust or Droppings?

If you see a strange, fine dust coating parts of your house, this may be dust — but if it looks strange to you, there’s also a chance it could be termite droppings. As termites gorge themselves on the wood making up your home’s structure, they will, of course, expel this diet eventually. Their droppings tend to be wood colored and appear fine, like thick dust.

If you spot piles of wood-colored dust looking substance in your home, this is another sign that you may have a termite problem. You’ll want to get a professional company to help you determine if this dust in your home is from termites or something else.

4. Colonies or Swarms

Do you see a swarm of bugs flying in the air or living near your home? These may be termites — and they may be making themselves at home inside the hidden places of your home. This is a sure sign that there are termites in the area. If you’re not sure what termites look like, you can do research or call a professional who will be able to identify them for sure.

Finding a colony of termites — whether underground, in the air or somewhere around your home — is a great reason to contact a termite company for help.

5. Finding Dead Bugs

Finding strange dead bugs or even bug parts like wings or legs around your home? You may be looking at the signs of a termite infestation. If this applies to you, getting a termite treatment is important for the safety and endurance of your home. Finding dead bugs means they have already set up shop. However, it doesn’t show you the extent of the problem.

Look around for other signs of termites and call a professional the first chance you get. This is your best bet for preventing any further damage.

6. Look at Your Neighbors

Are your neighbors having termite issues? Did you notice a nearby home getting tented? If so, it may be a good time to inspect your own home for possible termite colonies. They tend to gather and invade areas at a time, so if other homes in your neighborhood have contracted termites, there’s a chance you could be next.

Don’t wait to find out the hard way. Being proactive and nipping your termite issue in the bud is key to making sure you get the problem under control with minimal damage to your home or workplace.

If any or all of these signs apply to you and your home, it’s time to call a reputable termite company!

What to Expect with Termite Treatment

If you’ve realized your home is definitely in need of good termite treatment, you probably have a lot of questions. You may even wonder if it’s worth it. Getting a successful termite treatment done in a timely manner can help protect the integrity of your home. You don’t want the internal structure breaking down due to termite damage.

It’s imperative that you get your termite issues solved as fast as you can so that these little bugs don’t cause even more damage than they already have.

The Treatment Process

What should you expect when it comes to termite treatment? An inspector will come to give you specifics, but you’ll likely have to have your home or residence tented. This will require you to move out for a few days and live elsewhere while the treatment is performed. You’ll need to remove any food or porous substances like soaps and lotions, as the poison used in the termite treatment can soak into it and cause you harm.

You’ll also likely face a hefty cost for this treatment, but you don’t really have a choice in the matter — you have to protect your home and the contents within it, including your family. After the treatments are done, though, you should have no more concerns about termites. Want to learn more about taking care of your abode as a homeowner or condo dweller?
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