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7 Amazing Airbnb Designs Sure to Give You Inspiration

Hosting an Airbnb location is an excellent way to make upwards of five figures per year in additional income. The amount that you make is dependant on how well you’re able to host as well as the quality of your rental unit.

Hosts that make the most money put real effort into their Airbnb designs. We’re going to look at some Airbnb design ideas today, giving you a little inspiration to find the look that will make your rental more enjoyable.

Hopefully, the Airbnb host tips below inspire you to curate the best possible experience for your guests. Let’s get started.

1. Peaceful Bohemian Getaway

The bohemian look is a popular one among Airbnb hosts. It’s something that people long for but don’t often achieve in their normal lives.

People with busy lives or different social expectations might not invest time into making a comfortable and stylistic home environment. That’s where you come in.

Try creating a super-cozy environment with muted and warm color schemes. Then invest in a number of plants to line the shelves, walls, and surfaces. The idea is here is somewhere that feels partly tropical, partly nap-worthy, and very comfortable.

2. Regal

On the flip side of things, some people enjoy stepping away into an air of classiness. If you own a Victorian home or have a traditional space that could get reworked into an art-deco environment, you should capitalize on this potential.

This style is emphasized by a lot of geometric patterns, 20’s-style artwork, and muted furniture tones.

3. Off-Grid

There’s a big market of people who are really looking to get away from the humdrum of normal life. These are the individuals who would love an Airbnb that’s simple, remote, and closer to glamping than staying in a hotel.

Make sure that the structure is safe, has heating abilities, and provides some small activities for people to participate in (Yatzhee, checkers, crosswords) if you don’t have electricity.

4. Standard Respite

While many of us are interested in a little variety, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what we know. A lot of people enjoy very standard and comfortable housing.

Think a standard hotel. Just visit a hotel or two to pull ideas from and make a mirror image. People enjoy the familiar comfort.

5. Personal Curation

Another aspect of Airbnb that guests enjoy is the fact that they’re staying in someone else’s space. In other words, they appreciate the care and design work that other individuals invest in their property.

If you’re not very confident about your interior design, try taking some home staging classes.

6. Ever-Changing Trendy

There’s a reason that home trends are popular. People enjoy hunkering down in a place that’s on the cutting edge of trends on social media platforms and magazines.

If you’re one to follow those things, try mirroring your Airbnb designs and see if it helps your reviews at all.

7. Simple and Comfortable

At the end of the day, there’s something about a room that’s straightforward and very comfortable. You might just need a soft bed and a big couch in front of a television to make someone happy.

It’s a simple thing to design and it’ll serve anyone who enters your doors.

Looking for More Airbnb Designs?

Hopefully, the ideas above helped you think about how to decorate your Airbnb. It’s challenging to come up with ideas on the spot, so a little help goes a long way when it comes to staging a home.

We’re here to help with more information. Explore our site for more ideas in home design, passive income, financial wellness, health, and more.


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