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7 Brilliant yet Cheap Wall Décor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Embellishing anything isn’t at your wit’s end, but decorating a small space is somehow tricky. In small spaces we are not supposed to bring large and massive objects, it will surely make your already small space more cluttered. Small spaces are way more difficult to decorate, as we get perplexed here whether to decorate it or not. Can you leave walls of less spacious rooms, undecorated while beautifying every corner of your house? If you ask me, I just can’t! Here you get many such brilliant ideas to decorate your walls as well as illuminating the space like adding decorative mirrors, making art galleries, etc.

Let’s suppose, you are on your way to illuminate each corner of your house, that’s quite expensive if you replace everything with new stuff. Wait, just don’t do that when you can DIY decorate your walls by sticking on budget. Here, in this blog, we are going to drop some suggestions for you guys to decorate your walls on an affordable budget and give them some style.

7 awesome wall décor ideas that enhance the outlook

Well, remodeling or decorating doesn’t mean you will be losing your entire savings, and it shouldn’t be so. Firstly, fix your budget for this purpose and then proceed with these tips, to brighten up your space by lavishly decorating the walls.

  1. Adding mirrors is a luxury!

Whenever the word luxury comes in decoration, we get a sudden reflection of ‘Mirrors’. As mirrors are something that can lighten up your space, make it look stylish, elegant as well as highlight your breathtaking yet expensive showpieces. In the case of decoration with mirrors, we have a lot of options, really like a lot! Here below are some options within mirrors so you can add them to your walls and you know what the wonderful thing is? They are quite inexpensive.

  • LED Mirrors

An LED mirror is the best option to enhance the outlook of your wall as well as brighten it up. These wonderful mirrors not only enhance the décor of your room but also work well, its integrated LED light brightens up your room and gives a detailed view while makeovers. Types of such mirrors like wall-mounted mirrors or vanity LED bathroom mirror are available at FAB Glass and Mirror at affordable ranges, must check it out!

  • Decorative mirrors

Have you ever installed a beautiful and elegant decorative mirror in your home? If not, then we recommend adding one! It not only enhances the wall’s beauty but also reflects light and other objects by putting on the illusion of great space in the room.

  1. Add portraits or create your gallery wall 

Another trendy thing that has set the internet on fire is to DIY create a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a cool suggestion in order to make a wall more attractive. You can frame whatever portrait you like, or some old stuff, letters, certifications, or some memorable pictures. Choose an elegant frame and must place the glass on each frame, it will reflect the light by brightening the space as well as highlighting the entire yet precious wall.

Creating your gallery wall by framing your pictures and whatever you want to display will save your budget and time as well. The major thing is, you will be satisfied with your creation. Some people want to preserve their baby’s first ever clothes, you can frame them and hang them, too. This will remind you of those beautiful and unforgettable moments.

  1. Must add wallpapers

Refresh your walls with some printed wallpapers, you can add removable wall arts, which is quite common these days. Decorate your small rooms by adding wallpaper on one side and paint the other walls, make contrasts. Here you can go with 2 suggestions, either to add a wallpaper or over-sized portrait behind, sofa or bed. Both are going to enhance the overall view of a small room. Be conscious of the color scheme you chose.

  1. Paint the boring walls with soft and eye-catchy colors

Here’s a tip: never go with dark paints, until it’s a demand for a theme. Dark or deep colors will darken up the room which makes small spaces more cluttered and messed up. Always prefer fresh and light colors because they enhance the mood and environment as well as lighten up the entire space by consuming fewer lights.

  1. Add wall shelves- save space!

Small spaces are more difficult to treat when you are supposed to adjust the bundle of stuff there. For this purpose, we recommend adding wall glass shelves that come in different styles. It will not only beautify your wall but also help to save some space in the room. You can hang, caps, towels, books, or other decorative pieces there. Well, if you’re confused about where to buy affordable and durable glass shelves, we recommend checking out these products. These are quite affordable and made with great care.

  1. Preserve some memorable stuff on the wall

We’ve seen some people hanging their old bicycles or other parts like its basket or handle on a wall. Well, that’s cute to hang your first ever cycle on a wall that can take you to those old days anytime. From that we didn’t mean to hang a cycle indeed, that’s just an option to hang your favorite stuff on the wall, that is old and you want to preserve it, too. Make sure it’s not bulky at all.

  1. Adding on other simply elegant accessories

To fill up space, you can add on huge calendars, wall clocks, or a whiteboard, even, that you can utilize on a daily basis and look pretty there. This depends upon your mood and choice, just add whatever you want to. Just keep in view, not to over-decorate small walls.

Concluding it!

Now decorate small spaces with the above brilliant ideas to illuminate your space and to refresh the barren boring walls. As, small spaces are quite tricky to decorate because all the time you need to focus on that one point, “not to clutter the space”. The above-mentioned ideas won’t clutter your space and decorative wall mirrors will help to brighten up the less-spacious areas.


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