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7 Essential Tips To A Better Nights Sleep

More than a third of adults don’t get enough sleep at night.

When sleep is essential for physical and mental health, that’s a problem.

If you constantly wake up with back pain, you’re likely among the third of adults who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep each day.

If you’re tired (literally) of waking up with back pain, we have a few tips on how you can get a better nights sleep.

How to Stop Waking Up With Back Pain

You don’t have to accept living with back pain. There are some easy ways to alleviate it. Try a few of the following!

1. Stretch

Stretching throughout the day and before you go to bed will train your muscles to better support your spine. It will reduce tension in your back and improve your range of motion.

There are different stretches you can practice for all areas of your back, neck, and shoulders to ensure a good night’s sleep.

2. Exercise

Weak core muscles can prevent your lower back from naturally curving like it’s supposed to. Try out a few core exercises and yoga poses to strengthen your core and help alleviate your pain.

Exercising during the day can also tire you out, leaving you feeling tired enough to fall asleep quickly.

3. Get a Massage

A deep tissue massage can work out knots in your muscles that may be causing you pain. The massage can also relax you and help you release tension all over your body.

4. Try a New Pillow

Using a pillow that’s too high or too stiff can keep your neck flexed overnight, causing your neck pain in the morning. A memory foam or feather pillow conforms nicely to the shape of your neck, leaving it in a relaxed, neutral position all night.

5. Get a Custom Mattress

When you wake up with back pain, your mattress can sometimes be to blame. Sleeping on a soft or lumpy mattress made of synthetic materials can irritate your back.

Try ordering a firmer custom mattress that offers better support and keeps your spine aligned.

6. Reduce Screen Time

Looking down at your phone all day can cause your neck a lot of stress and, in extreme cases, can even pinch a cervical nerve.

Reducing screen time before bed can also help you fall asleep more quickly. Staring at a bright screen keeps you from getting relaxed.

7. Stand Up Straight

Sitting for hours while you’re at work can take its toll on your back. Instead, try standing for a few hours each day. This will strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture.

Getting a Better Nights Sleep

Sleeping in a well-ventilated room with your preferred temperature settings can help you stay asleep, but trying a few of the above tips will help you wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

You’ll be well on your way to a better nights sleep.

If it’s the stress of buying a home that’s keeping you awake at night, we can help you with that!


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