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7 Key Tips for Finding the Best Drain Cleaning Experts

The septic, drain, and sewer cleaning industry is currently worth $3.4 billion, and for good reason — most people have no idea how to clean their own drains!

If you’re part of this group, hiring drain cleaning experts to come to your home and take care of your sink or shower drain can help you save time and ensure the job is getting done correctly.

Of course, to enjoy the benefits that drain cleaning experts have to offer, you need to make sure you’re working with the right ones.

Read on to learn more about how to find the best drain cleaning professionals for your home.

Signs You Need Your Drain Cleaned

Not only do many people have no idea how to clean their drains, but they also have no idea how to tell if their drain needs cleaning.

Here are some common signs that you need to clean your drain:

  • Water drains down it slower than usual
  • It gets clogged on a regular basis
  • It gurgles or makes other strange sounds
  • There are bubbles in your sink
  • A black residue is coming out of your shower drain
  • You have flooding in your basement
  • You can smell sewage
  • Fruit and drain flies are buzzing around

If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance you need a drain cleaning expert to come over and take a look at things.

Why Hire Drain Cleaning Experts?

Why do you need to hire a drain cleaning expert? Why can’t you just troubleshoot the problem yourself?

In theory, you could try to fix the problem on your own. Do you know anything about plumbing or drain cleaning, though?

That’s what we thought.

Instead of trying to Google your way through the problem, why not bring in someone who’s trained to deal with clogged, dirty trains?

There are lots of perks that come with hiring a professional, including the following:

  • Save time
  • Get a superior clean
  • Stay safe
  • Avoid accidental plumbing damage
  • Get access to the right tools
  • Avoid harsh chemicals

Hiring a professional also allows you to get to the root of the issue. You won’t just get your drain cleaned and unclogged. You’ll find out why it was clogged in the first place.

All of these great benefits seem worth the price of hiring a professional, don’t they?

How to Choose the Best Drain Cleaning Experts

Clearly, there are benefits that come with hiring a professional to take care of your drain.

If you’re in the market for a drain cleaning expert, these seven tips will help you ensure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

1. Ask About Licensing and Insurance

First, make sure that the drain cleaning experts you’re considering are licensed to work with your state.

In most cases, in order to qualify for a license, the drain cleaner will have had to pass a standardized test and complete specific apprenticeship requirements. Make sure that the cleaner you’re considering has completed these pre-requisites and has the knowledge to work on your drain and get it fixed.

Remember, too, that licenses often come with insurance coverage. If a drain cleaner doesn’t have insurance, you could be held responsible for anything that goes wrong during the repair process.

2. Consider Their Experience

In addition to having the proper license and insurance coverage, your drain cleaner should have plenty of experience under their belt, too. Find out what kind of homes or apartments they typically work on and how long they’ve been practicing.

3. Request References

It never hurts to ask for references. Any good drain cleaner (or another service provider, for that matter) will have no problem with providing references and putting you in touch with past customers.

If someone you’re considering balks at the idea of providing references, that’s a major red flag.

Once you have a list of references from a cleaner, but sure to contact those references and find out what their experience was. Were they satisfied? Would they hire this person and their company again?

4. Look at Their List of Services

Before you spend too much time considering a particular drain cleaner, make sure they offer the services you need. Most cleaners will have a list of services available on their website. Check this to ensure they can handle the task you need them to address.

5. Consider the Cost

The cost of drain cleaning can vary quite a bit from person to person.

Ask the cleaner you’re considering for a free estimate to get an idea of what it will cost to clean your drain. Compare prices from a few different cleaners to see who will give you the best deal.

Remember, though, that the cheapest option isn’t always the best. If someone is charging a lot less than their competitors, there’s a chance they’ll provide subpar work.

6. Ask About Their Availability

If you’re excited about working with a particular drain cleaner and are ready to hire them, be sure to ask about their availability first.

You may be eager to visit these drain experts, but they might have a long waiting list.

Find out how soon they can get to your drain before you commit to hiring them.

7. Find Out if They Guarantee Their Work

Finally, make sure the cleaner you’re considering guarantees their work.

Will they come and fix the drain for free if something goes wrong within a certain period of time? Will they refund your money if it needs additional work?

Find out what kind of guarantee they offer before you sign any contracts.

Get Your Drain Cleaned Today

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring drain cleaning experts, as long as you’re working with trained and qualified professionals.

If you’ve noticed signs that your drain could use a professional cleaning, keep these tips in mind to ensure that only the best are working on your home.

Do you want to learn more about maintaining a home or apartment?

If so, we’ve got lots of helpful articles available on our site. Check out the maintenance articles today for more information and advice.


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