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7 Simple Tips to Make your Home Safer and More Secure

These days, it can be hard to feel safe and secure in your home, especially if you put little emphasis on it. That’s okay since you can always increase your home’s safety and security features during renovation or home improvement projects. There are multiple ways to do this, some of which you can do yourself.    

#1: Secure Your Doors and Windows  

You need to focus on is entry points. If you do not have an attic or roof hatches, the following entry points will be the doors and windows. Upgrading your doors and windows will cost less than upgrading your whole house, but it can do wonders for your safety and security. You can choose the ones with automated locks to ensure they lock from the inside whenever you go out or use the door or window.      

#2: Lighting is Crucial  

The next important thing you should focus on is visibility. When it comes to your home, you need to ensure enough areas with sufficient lighting, especially when it gets dark. Being able to see is necessary and inadequate lighting is often a temptation for burglars and thieves. Consider placing lights and fixtures on your driveway or pathway into your house. Remember to put lights in your backyard and the corners of your home.     

#3: Consider Security Systems  

Another thing to consider, especially if you have the budget, is installing security systems. It helps to have motion sensors and even alarm systems around the house to ensure you get a notification if something is amiss. It is beneficial for people who are often not at home and have errands or go on long trips many times. Security systems like CCTVs and alarm systems will scare most thieves away.      

#4: Don’t Forget Your Garage  

Most people will focus on the safety of their homes but often forget about their garages. Just because it seems like a place that thieves would not enter, there are already multiple instances that thieves got something from the garage or entered the home through it. It would be better to be sure and secure the entirety of your home, even the places you think are safe or have nothing substantial.   

#5: Consider Fire Safety  

While most people think having one or two fire extinguishers at home is enough to fight off flames in emergencies, it won’t hurt to be a little extra. Consider a fire-rated access door security installation when it comes to safety. It combines security and fire resistance all in one convenient access door. You need these doors to easily access your home’s internal components like plumbing and wiring.      

#6: Eliminate Possible Hiding Places  

If you have a big lot, tendencies are you would also have landscaping and some plants spread around it. If you want to know which places are good for hiding, ask your children for help and where they would hide if they were playing hide and seek. You’ll notice that most of them hide behind bushes, retaining walls, trees, and so much more. The best thing you can do is eliminate these hiding places by either removing them or ensuring that your CCTV can see them.     

#7: Get a Sturdy Safe  

Another thing you should consider is your most valuable items. These include bank books, jewelry, important papers, etc. You need to keep them in a sturdy safe that can withstand picklocks and other types of possible damage from thieves.     

If you want to feel safe and secure at home, keep these things in mind for your next home improvement or renovation project. You can also always upgrade your existing security systems and practice safety procedures at home, like always ensuring that you lock your doors and windows. While safety and security systems are helpful, being vigilant and aware is just as important. 


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