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7 Telltale Signs It’s Time For Front Door Replacement

Are you wondering whether or not it’s time for a new front door?

Your door is the first point of entry to your home, and with hundreds of thousands of burglaries taking place each day in the US, you want to make sure it’s completely secure.

Your door is also the first thing most people will see when looking at your home, so a nice door goes a long way towards improving your curb appeal – ideal if you’re looking to sell your home.

Keep reading for seven signs that you need to invest in front door replacement.

1. Your Door Is Scratched or Dented

Is your door scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged?

Obvious cosmetic issues are a clear sign that it’s time to consider a new door, whether they’ve been caused by an attempted break-in or regular wear and tear.

It’s easy for small issues to escalate – what starts as a small dent could quickly become larger when warping and weather damage are added into the equation.

A damaged door also stops your home from looking its best. Since new doors don’t cost a fortune, it’s worth getting a replacement to keep your property looking smart and respectable.

2. Your Door Is Difficult to Open or Close

Do you feel like it’s a test of strength to actually get your front door to open?

Do you find yourself repeatedly slamming your door to get it to shut?

Both of these issues suggest that it’s time for a new door. Not only is your door already warped or hanging incorrectly, but you’re also probably doing more damage each time you have to fight to open or close it.

Don’t wait until your door refuses to open/close completely to address the problem. Instead, get a replacement now and save yourself security issues and loads of hassle later on.

When you’re opening and closing your new door with ease, you’ll wonder how you ever put up with the old one.

3. Your Door Lets in a Draught

Do you feel chilly when you’re close to your front door? Is this making your whole house cold?

A front door which lets in a draught is a front door that needs replacing.

Having a door that lets in a breeze can increase your energy bills as you have to spend more to keep your home warm. It’s a sign that your seals are failing, and the problem will only get worse the longer you leave it.

Don’t suffer from a draughty home and astronomical heating bills – get a new door installed instead.

4. Your Door Hinges Are Rusty

Are your hinges and locks starting to look rusty?

Hardware is an integral part of your door, so don’t only check the main door for signs of wear and tear. If you do notice rust, it’s a clear sign that a replacement is needed.

While it is possible to replace only the rusty components, it usually makes sense to go for a whole new door instead. This way, you can be sure that you won’t have to pay for more work in a few years time.

Rusty locks and hinges make it easier for thieves to break into your home, so don’t ignore them.

5. Your Door Glass Has Moisture Build-Up

Got a front door with decorative glass? Noticed condensation or moisture building up inside?

It can be tempting to ignore a little condensation, but addressing the issue early on will help you avoid more serious problems down the line.

Moisture build-up suggests that your glass seal has warped or broken, and over time you might notice mold and mildew spreading to the rest of the door. This looks awful and isn’t great for your door, either.

Mold and mildew can be harmful to your health, especially if anyone in the house suffers from asthma or allergies. Maintain a safe indoor air quality by getting a new door as soon as you notice moisture problems.

Simply cleaning the mold isn’t enough because the problem will soon reoccur.

6. Your Door Is Warped

Is your door obviously warped, buckled, or bent out of shape?

Changes in temperature and humidity can lead to serious warping, especially in wooden doors. A warped door is likely to be difficult to open and close, might be more easily damaged by the odd knock, and will probably let in a draught.

Even if you only notice a small amount of warping, it’s worth getting a new door fitted. The problem will only get worse as time passes, especially if you’re close to a change in season.

Don’t wait until your door is impossible to close to get it dealt with.

7. You Don’t like the Color or Style of Your Door

Are you plain sick of the way your door looks?

Maybe you moved into a house with a door your hated, made the wrong choice last time you got a new door, or fancy a change?

Whatever the situation, getting a new door for reasons of style is totally legitimate.

A new door can change the entire look of your home’s exterior, and picking out your favorite is a lot of fun. You could opt for a funky color, a unique type of wood, or a pretty stained-glass option.

Take your time and look at plenty of doors before you decide. You should also consider features like peepholes, door knockers, and locks.

If you’re wondering how much a new door will cost, click to learn more.

Should You Pay for Front Door Replacement?

If you’re worried about the security of your door, are dealing with draughts and moisture, or hate the way your door looks, paying for front door replacement is a smart investment.

You’ll improve your home security, keep your home safe, warm, and dry, and improve your curb appeal. A new door doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and there are tons of styles and materials to choose from.

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